Friday, December 30, 2005

I arrived at our hotel near mid-day; Amy got in around three and found me hanging at the pool banging away at my puter. We had decided to share a two-bedroom suite at a hotel not on Ocean Dr. but nearby. While Rachel and I can be like a pair of bonobos and we would have likely simply sprung for a single, but Amy is more reserved and the privacy of a double suite is more to her liking.

As we walked back to our room she announced that she wanted to buy a condo on the beach. Since this was the first I’d heard of it I asked when did she decide that. “On the plane coming down,” she replied. I looked to see if the pod people had taken control of her mind. Amy is the least impulsive person in the world, she even thinks about buying groceries. Now if Rach told me she was buying a condo with no forethought it wouldn’t have fazed me; another reason why those two made a good match. She realized I was looking at her like she had two heads and said, “I sound like her. That’s what your thinking.” I nodded and we both laughed; so later we’re condo shopping. At least I can keep my credit card in my purse.



Blogger Pete from Cal said...

Happy Friday and glad you are on the same continent as some of us! :) I'm sure you are enjoying the nice weather in Florida! Did Rach and Amy get back together? I must've missed that post or something. Anyways, I'm happy for them and hope it works out better this time. Happy New Year to you, Kim! :)

8:08 PM  
Blogger Kim said...

Unfortunately Rach and Amy have not gotten back together. I wish they would.


12:45 PM  
Anonymous gaijin said...

happy new year, kim. keep sticking around, will you? it's good knowing you're present in the world, out there. xo

10:28 PM  
Blogger Kim said...

gaijin. No plans to quit


5:51 PM  

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