Friday, December 09, 2005

My things are laid out for an evening as arm candy at a private event. My benefactor enjoys fine lingerie so something from La Perla will do, in fuchsia with lace and tulle with suspenders and seamed stockings. A simple black v-neck dress and sling backs complete the package.

Tomorrow I travel to London to meet Ted. It should be an interesting evening. I hope to get an early train and arrive early enough to do a little shopping.


I’ve been remiss in providing news about Elyse and Mike. They are well. Shortly after returning to their new home they pinched themselves and began thinking it was all a dream. They both fell into a bit of a funk but they’re fine now. The company for whom Mike works is grooming him to be an executive. Part of the process is working in most parts of the business in a variety of capacities. Now he working in the company’s manufacturing group and they have moved him to a small city in the south. This is a challenge for E, who can be an exotic bird even in Paris or NY she may as well be from another planet.

She’s coping but admits at times she wants to throw up her arms and move to NY and have Mike commute. A recurring frustration for her is the difficulty in communicating, between her accent, the drawl of the locals and her not knowing the colloquialisms, she feels like she may as well being speaking Chinese. She’s taking courses at a local college and has been recruited to work at a local modeling school, which she said is dreadful. Her agency in NY also has her doing spotting for them. I have this image of her approaching the mother of a lovely sixteen year old and the mother hiding the girl behind her skirt to protect her from this tall, skinny woman spouting gibberish.



Blogger Pete from Cal said...

You sure know how to throw something together and make a guy dream about you for days. :) As for Ted, I wonder if his old college buddy will drop by unannounced again. Thanks for keeping us posted on Mike and Elyse. I hope she'll eventually get accustomed down there. Have a good weekend! :)

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