Thursday, January 12, 2006

Following an appointment yesterday morning I passed the Chanel store on rue Cambon. Having some time before my lunch assignation I was tempted to go inside. I resisted and settled for a peek in the window. Going inside would only activate the ‘buy’ receptors and there is no way to do that cheaply at Chanel

With the exception of Ted, my sex clients prefer to execute the financial transaction off line via wire or credit card. Ted would rather put the money down the front of my dress, in public if I let him, or slide it into the crack of my ass. It’s his shtick.

After learning of Marie’s pending retirement I quietly let my regulars know and asked that they be surprised when she announced it. A number of questions about my plans were generated and I explained that much would remain the same but that I would work as an independent. Gavin decided that he should get a discount since there was no longer a distributor to pay. I asked him if he felt he wasn’t getting adequate value, he didn’t press the point.

One client, Charles made an alternate proposal suggesting that we enter into a non-exclusive arrangement where by he pays me a monthly stipend allowing us to get together when convenient. Meaning that I’d also be available for quickies, such as today.

There is quite an appeal to such an arrangement and if I had a few such understandings I could be very comfortable. But I have doubts that they would last. Men are fickle and bore easily, it is one thing for a man to see me four or five times a year for a day or weekend and another to see me a couple of times per month.

Charles keeps a pied-à-terre a few blocks from the Chanel store I knew from a txt he had already arrived. The doorman waved me up and Charles was waiting by the door when I got off the elevator. The apartment is quite nice a one bedroom with a lot of light very clean and contemporary. Much different than the townhouse he shares with his wife. He offered me some water while apologizing that he would need to cut our time short as another meeting had come up. I feigned disappointment, which was appreciated.

Some clients want me to strip for them, others prefer that I walk from a dressing room in lingerie or naked. Charles likes to undress me. When we were first together he told me that to him undressing a woman was like opening an ornately wrapped gift and it should be done slowly with delicacy. Knowing this I choose outfits that provides ample buttons, zippers and layers.

In the fall I found a wonderful suit, in charcoal wool of a tweedish material that is flecked with silver, lavender and rose. The jacket is single breasted with three buttons and rests on my hips. The skirt falls just below my knees and is full. Not full like the hem and the waistband form concentric circles but close. Often I wear a vintage, black lacquered hunters cap with a peacock feather to complete the look. On the suit fits me wonderfully and has just the right amount of sway. Today I wore it paired with dark, patterned stockings and pumps with the hidden treasure of a corset, red with black trim.

Charles delivered my water with a kiss and whispered nonsense as he began to unbutton my jacket. The undressing is slow, punctuated with kisses and nibbles, his firm hands caressing my body. He steps behind me to remove the jacket and he sighs when he sees the corset. Kissing my shoulders and the nape of my neck his hands pass over my breasts. Few of my clients have the ability to arouse me like Charles. In front of me again he unzips my skirt and holds it as I step out of it bracing myself with my hand on his shoulder. He then undoes the snaps holding the stocking and removes the garter belt. There are a dozen hooks on the front of the corset and for each I receive a kiss and a nibble. With the last hook he removes the corset and gently rubs and kisses the marks left by the bone. While sitting on the edge of the bed before me, he pulls down my panties and lastly removes my shoes and stockings.

Standing naked before him, he slides his hand between my legs and his fingers into my vagina. I’m wet and he likes that. He whispers instructions for me to lie on the bed and he leaves the room. When he returns he’s naked; Charles never let’s me watch him disrobe or allow me to partake. He kneels at the end of the bed and begins sucking my toes and works up my legs till he buries his face in my cunny; his tongue working my clit while his fingers seek the G-spot. I truly ‘O’ and he knows it.

He prefers to be atop and he pulls him self up on me. His favorite position is my legs slung over his shoulders and him pushing me down till my knees are nearly at my ears. Charles isn’t particularly large and he comes quickly with a moan, releasing my legs and settling his weight upon me.

After a moment he gets up and leaves the room, returning in a few minutes dressed. He sits on the edge of the bed and brushes my brow apologizing again for needing to leave. After he goes I laid in the bed for a bit gathering my composure. I also had a meeting later so and needed to regroup and get myself cleaned up. As I left the building the doorman leered, I just smiled. I had a half hour to get to my appointment and last evening was Rachel’s last in Paris and we went to dinner.

This morning Rachel left and I am awaiting Peter's arrival.

I have an odd life.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's been too long since we last had the pleasure of reading a truly erotic update from you...this arousing account does not disappoint.

Nicely done.

5:18 PM  
Blogger Phantom Man said...

Kim, you are wonderful. You brighten the days of your readers, including me. Thank you for writing about your life. It may be "odd", but it is truly fascinating to your readers.

5:43 PM  
Blogger el Bow said...

It is nice to hear it is not such a commercial or mechanical experience as might be imagined.

How's the Smart car working out. I'm down a vehicle and am thinking very much about getting one soon.

12:19 AM  
Anonymous Pussy Talk said...

"Men are fickle and bore easily..."

Love it, Kim. Hehe.

DTG xxoo

1:37 AM  
Blogger Pete from Cal said...

Thanks for this sensual post. You have a way with words. Your life is how you choose it to live it. Just because it is different, it isn't odd. Keep us inform of Peter's stay. Have fun! :)

5:03 AM  
Anonymous VJ said...

That doorman gets tipped plenty to keep him from leering too much I bet. But the post's a keeper for certain. Cheers & Good Luck, 'VJ

8:19 AM  
Anonymous gaijin said...

business suits and skirts are the sexiest things to fuck a woman in.

10:08 PM  

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