Thursday, January 12, 2006

Iiyama, Ja

Though gray and a bit rainy I may not complain about Paris weather again after seeing this picture.



Anonymous VJ said...

Still worse after realizing that it comes from here:

'Japan dispatches disaster relief units as snow death toll climbs':

Sat Jan 7, 3:39 PM ET

'TOKYO (AFP) - Japan's Defense Agency has dispatched disaster relief units to help residents deal with the massive snowfall which has claimed dozens of lives since last month.'

'At least 61 people have died, some falling while shovelling the snow off house roofs and others in traffic accidents, the nation's largest daily Yomiuri Shimbun and Kyodo News news agency reported Saturday'...'Fourteen locations in Japan have been hit by record snowfall with some of them covered by more than 300 centimeters (10 feet), the agency said.'

Not as fun as imagined in Currier & Ives, right? Cheers, 'VJ

8:26 AM  

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