Monday, January 02, 2006

Last winter when looking for a winter outer coat I purchased a cape. Not a blanket with a hole in it cape, but a - is that woman at the end of the pier the sea captain’s wife waiting for his overdue ship or the young woman scorned by her lover who is deciding which is worse, life without him or the cold waters under the dock - kind of cape. I just love it. It’s wildly impractical since it’s near impossible to carry a computer bag or all but a small purse. But I wrap it around me and with the hood up I’m sheltered from the elements and feel invisible to onlookers. A woman friend who is Moslem, and who is as thoroughly modern as any European tells me that she at times will don her chador for the same reason. Anne Marie thinks I should get a burka and be done with it.


We looked at condos in Miami but in the end Amy reverted to type and decided to think about it. The looking got me wanting to own a place somewhere warm and sunny. I love Paris and it is now my home, but the winter weather is so unrelentingly dreary (not to mention damp), since the beginning of November I don’t know if there have been more than a handful of sunny days (though the sun peeked out today). Before Christmas VJ and I were exchanging email, in one he mentioned how the melting of the artic ice cap will disrupt the flow of the Gulf Stream effecting Europe’s weather. A possible result being a significant drop in the average temperature of Europe. If it brings the clear, bright sky’s of a mid western winter day it will be a fair trade. Till then I’ll continue to work by my full spectrum lamp bundled in Irish knits.



Blogger Pete from Cal said...

That VJ, what doesn't he know! :) I wondered if the melting artic has anything to do with the unusual number of hurricanes we have this year?! Probably does huh!

A cape huh? What color is it? Do you have a supergirl or other superheroines to go with that fantasy? :) I've no objections!

6:57 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

VJ a guy, hello?


8:53 AM  
Anonymous VJ said...

Yep, VJ's a guy. And the story on Global warming was all over the BBC, so it's available in their news logs. There's plenty of studies on it, but suffice it to say that they'll be an ice free corridor in the arctic by about 2040 if projections last, and possibly sooner.

So the famous NW passage to the Orient & Asia, sought for nearly 600 years will be finally realized. And where does all this ice go when it melts? Much of it winds up spilling into the N. Atlantic, where it will massively interfere with the Gulf Stream, the only thing typically warming Europe for well over 11K years by now. Shut this warmth off, or even lessen it a bit, and most of N. Europe becomes pretty much uninhabitable. Perhaps we'll see it happen too!

But yeah, all this has to do with weather patterns, making them all Less predictable, More 'energetic' & stormy, wetter in some places, and Much dryer & hotter in others. Changing the weather has tremendous consequences, not the least of which is the easier spread of once tropical diseases. But it's the crop failures that will get our attention quicker I imagine! As I told someone about 20 years ago, we'll be farming in the Tsongas National Forest after awhile. At least we've got it, right? Cheers & Happy New Year! 'VJ'

10:23 AM  
Blogger Kim said...

The cape is black. Maybe a little Countess Dracula? Just kidding.


12:34 PM  
Blogger Pete from Cal said...

VJ, you're a riot! I definitely enjoy your intellectual post! You're right about the severe consequences of changing weather patterns. I saw a PBS piece on spread of diseases, crop failure, and even extinction of plants & animal species because of it. So sad.

Countess Kim? I like the idea. I hope you don't leave lipstick mark when you bite! :D

10:17 PM  

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