Tuesday, February 21, 2006


"Libertine's Feast" by Blangis

For the past few months I've been sleeping well but not tonight. I hope it's just a bad night and not the start of another stretch of insomnia.

Odds and ends. I’ve begun to look for a new place. My arrangement with the owner of this apartment allows me to leave at any time; she only asks that I return and take care of her plants. One of the things I need to decide whether I’ll rent or buy. It’s my predilection to buy and I have the money, but it raises the issue of how I can afford it when viewed from the perspective of others. Anne Marie suggests that I buy an apartment building as an investment and live in a unit. I could convince my Dad to join me as an investor, with him putting up the down payment and the mortgage being paid by the proceeds from the rentals. That would certainly obscure my own finances.

Then there is the question of roommate or alone. I’ve lived alone a lot, but I really enjoyed sharing a place with Elyse. I asked Anne Marie if she wanted to get a place together and she appreciated the thought but liked her current setting, besides she said living with me may prove to be too much of a good thing. There is a dig in that somewhere. In the end, running Kim & Co from the apartment has pushed me to finding a place by myself. My priorities in a place are; safe, a decent kitchen, nice light, near a Metro station and a convenient garage for Waldo.


I’ve been meaning to comment on the demise of Pussy Talk and the anonymity of bloggers. Many of us write under the cover of some level of secrecy, we do it in part because we need an outlet for thoughts, opinions and feelings that may not be well received by others. Periodically a blog like ‘Kinky Librarian’ disappears and I am left to suspect that it was fear of disclosure that was the cause. It’s too bad because we are the losers for that. Dirty Talking Girl has found a reason for the continuation of Pussy Talk, but we have lost our view into the world of an erotic woman.


Over at High Dollar Hotties an interesting thread on why we continue to work in the sex trade.

Looking at the posts at HDH reminded me that find Provider as a synonym for prostitute annoying.

Also at HDH, I love this tag line courtesy of Lovely Victoria.

Cocktails, $20;
Fine dining, $200:
Cocktails and fine dining with an attentive companion, priceless... (Well not really, $2,000 should do it.)

Another HDH find is this avatar for Emma Bond who describes herself as an Annoying Slut.



Zamsky at AnonymousSex.com asked if he could mine my archives for a story to post at his website. I granted permission and he did.


There is another Mercurial Girl over at LiveJournal and she’s cute.


I received a request from Comfortably Numb to exchange links. You can find her among the Soiled Doves.


Jane over at the Educated Slut has a wonderful idea for a new anthology O, my first orgasm.


And Tiffany at Wannabe Sugarbaby is going to need to find a new name for her blog as she has found Daddy to the tune of posh digs and a new car. Go girl.


File under: Blogging Doesn’t Necessarily Make You Happy.

The Clandestine Call Girl is giving up her blog and after taking a few months off the Postmodern Courtesan is back and a bit cranky and we haven’t made it to March yet.


Speaking of the calendar we’ll transition to Paris weather. Which continues to be miserable, but the days are getting longer and when the sun does deign to appear, it is higher in the sky. So there is hope.


Yahoo mail puzzle. I have several yahoo mail accounts, a few months ago the @yahoo.fr accounts got the new HTML interface with the option of an avatar while the yahoo.com accounts continued to be text only (using Firefox, IE gave RTF message formating). Then the yahoo.com servers must have been upgraded and all the mail accounts had HTML message creation. Now the .fr accounts still have the avatar main page but I've lost the HTML message creation. I've checked my settings and they are all the same. Anyone with an idea of why this is??



Anonymous VJ said...

Thanks for the links Kim and the updates on others. I had been following CCG on and off, and I thought she was getting tried of the whole blogging deal.

I really like the thought of the apt. building. Lots of things can accrue from that. Space for a business. Space for clients & more space for storage. You'd possibly need someone decent to manage it too, because like 2-3 jobs is a very tall order for anyone! But I also agree with your bottom line assessment here. I think most of the time you're better off alone too, unless you invite people for extended stays. I can see it now; Hotel d'Kim. Hot and cold running hotties...Err, it's a fine idea for an investment. Fill it up with stable, nice quiet folks who won't bother you much. But remember, it's always a lot of work this landlord business.

Don't know about Yahoo. I think there should be a 'toggle'/menu option for the HTML form somewhere. I send most of mine in plain text, it's easier that way, and more universally accepted. Cheers & Good Luck! 'VJ'

8:17 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was looking over some of the HDH thread you linked to. I too am bothered by 'provider', but I guess it's as good as any for being more or less value neutral. Now the observation that : [We're a] "time-sensitive commodity with a specific shelf life" can truly apply to ALL human endeavors. It only takes you awhile to recognize this. We throw away so many still useful people in all societies for a host of very silly, but imaginary 'practical' reasons: too old, too young, too uneducated, overeducated, too honest, too individual, too good looking, not so good looking. Basically when the chips are down we really don't need to look far for an excuse! Something to think about. Cheers, 'VJ'

8:58 AM  
Anonymous tsb said...

Hi Kim,

I had no idea which post Zamsky would extract from your archives, but it was interesting that that particular story was chosen - fits the theme very well, and a hint of danger to add spice.

7:59 AM  

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