Sunday, March 05, 2006

Brunch with Bridget and Jessica was nice and we made a few folks uncomfortable as we were having a free flowing discussion of the trials and tribulations of being professional girlfriends. The three of us are working as independents, though Jessica is considering taking referrals from an agency and for the two of them it is their primary source of income.

We have a new found respect for Marie, how she kept us busy and managed to keep the rates high. Both say that they are getting a lot of resistance from potential clients regarding their rates. Till this point I haven’t had a problem with that but then I’ve only been seeing my regulars and I have a sufficient number of those (so far) to keep me busy. The hassle of recruiting and screening clients also came up and that is a primary reason Jessica is considering an agency.

I mentioned that I’ve noticed several group promotion websites where several independents conduct joint marketing and I wondered if they also have made arrangement for screening and validation. Both liked that idea and asked if I was interested. I demurred as I’m currently not advertising and really have no plans to.

Jessica brought up the bird flu and we all agreed that when the flu mutates to allow human-to-human transmission we are going on sabbatical till after flu season. I don’t know if there are statistics on this but I bet only nurses and elementary school teachers exceed whores in exposure to people with colds

They were interested in Kim & Co and how I’m balancing my two endeavors. I explained that as it is my plan to reduce whoring to a hobby if not retire from it, my business always takes precedence. So far that has only cost me one date. Coincidently here in Geneva around the auto show with the gentleman who I accompanied to Monaco for the race, but that I expected more conflicts as spring arrives.

Eventually we needed to go about our days; Bridget had a client that afternoon and another in the evening (she reports that his is the most lucrative week of the year for her), Jess to her date and me to the show floor.

Later in the afternoon Jessica and her client stopped at our booth. Of course neither of us acknowledged the other, but I couldn’t help noticing her client who has a familiar face.



Blogger Pete from Cal said...

Seems like you had a good time reuniting with the girls. I was hoping the reunion involves you ladies in sexy lingeries and having pillow fights. Haha.. :D I'm optismistic of your plan for Kim&Co and to reduce companionship to a hobby; hope you are too. :)

Was Jess the gal you interviewed a while back in Flordia when she first joined Marie? Funny that you ran into her and her client at the show again. Did you two shared a knowing smile?

5:52 AM  

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