Wednesday, March 08, 2006

I want to go home and sleep in my own bed. I’m tired of the hotel and eating in restaurants. My feet hurt and I’m coming down with some sort of bug. I want to see my friends.

I’m pretty sure I’ve alienated one of my regular and best liked sex clients when I told Michel I was not able to spend next week with him in St. Moritz.

When I met him I believed Michel was a person of immense flexibility because he will travel anywhere at the drop of a hat. The kind of flexibility that allows you to leave for the airport with plans to go to Kuala Lumpur and receive a phone call and switch your focus and to Concepcion instead. But I was wrong. Whatever flexibility he has is exhausted in his business dealing. His personal life is well ordered and regimented.

Before Christmas he asked if I would be available to join him on his ski vacation. When, I asked and he wasn’t sure, maybe February or March. In January we were together and he asked again but still didn’t have any dates. Knowing that I had commitments for the Paris shows and here in Geneva I told him those dates were unavailable. No problem he said, as it wouldn’t be till the third or fourth week of March.

Today he called and asked me, no told me to join him in St. Moritz Monday. I told him I couldn’t do it, that having been gone so much over the last month that I have Kim & Co responsibilities that need attending to. My week is pretty booked including finalizing the arrangements with my new employee and I have a meeting with meeting with the jovial man’s company.

I offered to join him the following weekend even though Peter and I have been talking about going to Spain beginning the sixteenth, but that didn’t satisfy him. Frankly I’m peeved at him for being such a jerk but I’m also upset about the possibility of losing him as a client before I’m ready to turn him loose.


A long conversation with Christine last night, her romance is on the rocks. She’s doing OK as she is the ditcher rather that the ditchee. She’s also beginning to get her portfolio together in order to apply for graduate school. I wonder if this will wrench her out of the Midwest?



Blogger el Bow said...

for me, sometimes I need a jolt of outside energy to start things moving that have been stabile too long. Maybe it's time you parted ways and this provides the impetuous.

11:25 AM  
Anonymous VJ said...

On the other hand, if he's a well liked client, I'm sure there are other ways of making it up to him if needed. But most people are not 'infinitely' flexible in their time, especially if married or with kids & a SO. You have to be very well scheduled and ordered to enjoy and be able to afford 'the traveling life'. But an oversheduled Kim is an unhappy camper, so perhaps it was for the best. You can hope he understands that.

And yes, past a certain point, everyone needs to be 'wrenched from the Midwest'. It can and should be a liberating experience. Cheers & Good Luck! 'VJ'

1:23 PM  
Blogger Pete from Cal said...

If Michel is a long time client, hopefully he'd understand. Maybe after he gets over it, your relationship with him will still be intact. It is unreasonable to expect you to change your schedule to accommodate him without much notice. Stay on course and focus on what you need to accomplish; namely Kim&Co. Take care!

4:49 AM  
Anonymous Hijackqueen said...

Holy cow! You know Kuala Lumpur?

9:10 AM  
Blogger Kim said...

My knowledge of Kuala Lumpur is only through friends who have traveled there


10:01 PM  

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