Wednesday, March 22, 2006

On the list of clients that I received from Marie were three men in Geneva. Prior to traveling there I attempted to arrange a meeting with each of them. Alas no luck. One was vacationing, the second had married and has given up the hobby and the third never returned my call. Until last week. He apologized and said he would be in Paris and did I want to meet?

Given the attrition amongst my clients I would like to add a couple of regulars lest I need to actually start advertising. We discussed the details and set a time subject to his reviewing my pictures. I sent him the link to that website with the log on information. He didn’t waste anytime as the site notified me of his arrival and later that day and he emailed me a confirmation

Marie, if nothing else kept copious notes about the gentlemen who used her agency and Martin was no exception. I discovered that he preferred a large meal at lunch rather than in the evening and that he always stays at the Hyatt. He prefers women wearing skirts to dresses and he likes body stockings. Lastly there was a note that he can be most insistent on oral sex with out a condom so I discreetly suggested that he bring a current medical report.

We planned to meet at a café bar near his hotel, an arrangement I prefer to the hotel bar. After parking Waldo I called him and confirmed he was waiting for me and told him I’d be wearing a black leather jacket and sunglasses. I’m pretty sure he spotted me before I came in the door. He is mid forties, sandy colored hair that has a touch of gray, though you need to be close to notice. Nicely dressed with the requisite watch the size of a pie plate. He had saved a seat at the bar for me and as I approached I was thinking that this evening wouldn’t be work.

I could see that he was checking me out also and appeared pleased. He should the charcoal gray mini skirt, the stilettos and the leather jacket were all things he has asked other girls for. And when I slipped off the jacket to reveal a sheer top over the body stocking I could have doubled my rates. A peck on the lips like two old friends meeting and I sat down, he bought me a drink and it took about thirty seconds for his hand to rest on my thigh. We chatted for about twenty minutes till I suggested we go.

When we got to the room I excused my self to use the bathroom and when I returned I found the cash near the phone and his medical report, which was clean. When he returned to the room I showed him my report.

I doffed the skirt and the top leaving the stocking for him to remove at his leisure and I proceeded to undress him. I asked if he wanted a massage and he did, plus he brought a bottle of massage oil as I suggested. Good boy. Eventually I worked my way down to his cock and like a good recruit it was at attention.

It was about eleven-thirty when I left him as I was dressing he asked about my seeing him again in two weeks. In the elevator I joined a group heading out to party and slipped past the doorman with out a notice.



Blogger Pete from Cal said...

You're really an expert at seduction, Kim! Hope this will become a regular so you don't need to advertise and focus on Kim&Co. Love the way you write about the encounter and leave certian things to the imagination. Thank you! :)

10:46 PM  
Blogger megadisc said...

such a good move ...

at least you know what you want..

and good suggestions ...

to make the night more interesting !

11:48 AM  

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