Monday, March 20, 2006

On my last night in Geneva, the twelfth, I had a difficult telephone conversation with Peter. We had planned to travel to southern Spain this past weekend for a romantic get away, but he called to tell me that he needed to change his plans in order to take care of little Peter and suggested I come to Copenhagen instead. I was furious and told him that Copenhagen wouldn’t work for me and hung up.

Then I began crying. I was exhausted my cold had become the flu but I still needed to work and I was so looking forward to someplace that might be warmer than Paris or Copenhagen. The phone rang again; it was Grace to tell me she had quit her job and to see if I wanted a guest for a couple of days.

I brought her up to date on what had transpired and she said let’s meet and then she’d come back to Paris. As we talked she checked the weather and said Spain looked awful and suggested Palermo.

During the week I completed the hiring of my employee and off loaded a bunch of work on to her. She’s working from her house and we talk and IM constantly. It’s really great having someone experienced to discuss things with.

Wednesday I met with the marketing managers of my jovial friend. In setting this appointment I had the impression that they were not excited about meeting with me and were only doing so at the suggestion of their boss. Knowing this I decided to stick closely to what I had told my friend and to the outline Jacques had suggested before I started the business.

They started by saying they had less time than originally planned. But that was fine, as I had planned a short presentation. In the end we went over the initial schedule and they were noticeably warmer at the end. They wrapped up by saying that there may be a need for a service such as mine later in the year but it would be late May before they would know for sure.

Palermo was nice. The weather was mild and dry until Sunday. We did girl things shopped, spa treatments, ate and shopped some more. My relationship with Grace has changed so much in the last couple of years since she figured out (or maybe accepted) I wasn’t a child anymore.

She told me about her ogre boss and why she quit. I asked her if she was going to write the ‘Ogre Wears Brioni’ and we laughed over the plot line. Later I asked what her plans were. She admitted she didn’t have any, but she has already received a couple of inquiries. She then went on about not needing to work (Robert has a large wallet) and would like to do something that was intrinsically rewarding and is considering picking up our Uncle Ken’s standing offer to work for an aid agency.

Impulsively and mostly in jest I suggested she work for Kim & Co, that she could establish a NY office. To my surprise she was interested. We talked about it for a while and she said she would think about it.
Later when I thought about the offer and her interest I realized it would provide me with an option. In starting a business in Paris I’ve greatly complicated any temptation I might have to flee France for the good ole USA. Being someone who likes options this has nagged at me a bit. But if Kim & Co is operating in Paris and NY I have an option.

This evening Juliette and Dad joined us at my place for dinner; he was very amused by the idea of Grace working for me and warned me that she is as likely to be a difficult employee as she was a difficult child.



Anonymous VJ said...

You'll be unsurprised to learn that I think your dad probably has the proper assessment here. Relations usually make poor (or worse) employees. But I imagine this is all contingent upon many things just yet. Sorry about the flap with Peter, it sounds as if the wife/ex may want to sabotage this budding relationship. With kids this is just too easy to do. Hope things are looking up for Kim & Co.. Cheers & Good Luck! 'VJ'

8:49 AM  
Blogger Kim said...

If G decides to join me we would establish a partnership or an LLC with her running the NY entity. But I think for now she is interested in Ken's opportunity and she is in London now meeting with him.

Regarding Peter, my anger stemmed from my suspicion that Erika is jerking him (and me) around, using the child to do it.


2:57 PM  

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