Thursday, March 02, 2006

Wednesday, the taxi dropped me at the hotel where I went right into a meeting with Kim & Co’s client and their marketing team. We reviewed the coming weeks events and made sure all the schedules synched. Later I met with the twelve people that the temp agency sent to work on the show floor for us. Then it was back to the hotel for dinner with the client's team and to meet the representative from their PR agency, who I expect to spend a lot of time with over the coming week. Fortunately I had a good first impression.

The president of the client company had a newspaper clipping, it was from Sunday's NY Times, "Can you two get us this kind of coverage?" He asked, handing it to me and he watched me as I read it, it was about a woman Natalie Oliveros, aka Savanna Samson, the porn star, who has created a vanity wine. When I finished the article I returned his gaze and said "Gregory, this is really more area," and handed the article to the PR agent. As Gregory read it over, I engaged the fellow to my left so to avoid a conversation with the president who sat across and a couple of places to the right.

When Gregory finished the article he declared, "This is doable, we can get this type of coverage." Everyone looked at him as if he was crazy. "But there are a few prerequisites that we need to get in place." No one said anything for a couple of seconds, finally the VP of marketing took the bait and asked what they were. "Well Bob," Gregory said directly addressing the president, "first we need have you pose nude in Auto Week..." and with that the table roared with laughter.

I left them about ten o’clock as the third round of drinks was ordered. It is going to be a long week and to start it with a late night of drinking wouldn’t be the best idea. Besides, being the only woman there would likely have had me fending off stray hands as the drinking continued not to mention the inevitable proposition. As I walked toward the elevator I shut my phone off and disconnected the room phone when I arrived there. In the morning there were hang up messages on both and on my cell phone voicemail there was a sweet message from Peter wishing me luck. He's a darling.

The opening of the show went very well. Our press conference was well attended so Gregory is happy. I managed to stay away from Bob and was relieved to find out that he leaving Thursday evening, though he may be back.


I will be joining a small whores' reunion. One of Marie’s former girls lives here and Jessica is coming over from the states in the company of a client. We’re planning breakfast on Sunday.



Anonymous VJ said...

Very deft moves in client handling there Kim. And yeah, the NYT has a thing for porn, as long as they can 'greenwash' it as reporting on another enterprise. It's always the T&A bottom line, and they're no different than anyone else in that regard. Good catch by Gregory. Cheers & Good Luck! 'VJ'

2:58 AM  
Blogger Pete from Cal said...

Great going for Kim&Co! Wish you continual success! :)

Does stray hands and proposition happen often after rounds of drinking even in business environment? I'd think people will conduct themselves professionally even if they are a bit tipsy. *shrug* Smart move on your part to leave early.

5:13 AM  
Blogger Kim said...

Pete, professional behavior is normally what occurs. But it is at times better to remove the temptation.

With the hangovers that group was nursing in the moring I was glad I retired.


10:12 PM  

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