Monday, April 24, 2006

I never made it to San Marino, but I went to the San Marino Grand Prix. While named for the state of San Marino the race is actually held in Imola, IT. A couple of San Marino facts; it claims to be the oldest republic in the world; it is also among the smallest states in Europe. San Marion is larger than only the Holy See and Monaco.

The Imola region is beautiful and is worth a visit, but the race weekend is not the spectacle that’ I experienced last year in Monaco. The fans though seemed much more passionate and they went wild when a Ferrari won.


Forgot that I had an anniversary last week, two years of being a whore. When I started I couldn’t imagined doing it for more than a few months, now there are times when I can’t imagine not doing it.


Mimi's good news is that a project she is managing will be renewed and expanded slightly. A nice surprise since I didn't expect those discussion until early fall.


I’ve been looking at my calendar and it’s getting full over the next few months, between Kim & Co and expected escort engagements. I’m not sure what to do in August? For Kim & Co it will be slow as most of France is on holiday but it is a good time to be an escort, but I want a vacation also. I'm not going to Cannes this year, none of my regulars attend the festival. It was always a bit of Keystone Cops routine when Marie sent me there so I won't miss it.


NOTE: This post was meant to be published Monday evening as time stamped, but since Blogger was being naughty it did not appear till midday Tuesday.


Blogger Pete from Cal said...

A belated happy anniversary in being a "companion?" As long as you enjoy what you do, there's nothing to it. Congrats on the project renewal; Kim&Co is going strong! :)

7:31 PM  

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