Friday, April 21, 2006

It goes without saying that prostitutes have a lot of sex and a surprisingly it is often good. When I began doing this I never believed that I could have an orgasm with a client, even though I was aware of the claims of others that it wasn’t unusual. I soon learned it was true; earth-moving sex was possible interspersed of course with mediocre and sometimes lousy sex. But intimacy has proven elusive.

I have been in civilian relationships where the sex wasn’t great but the relationship, how ever fleeting produced warm and comforting feelings that would make me smile when I thought of the person. Little of that is there with a client, at best there maybe something about them that is memorable, but it is not simply their presence.


This morning I signed an agreement for a new apartment and I’ll write about that next week and I’m awaiting Mimi to join me to talk about our weeks. She has teased me that she has good business news to share.


This evening I’m flying to San Marino with a client for the Formula 1 weekend, this is the gentleman who I accompanied to Monaco last May. He reached Paris last evening and asked that I be at the hotel when he arrived. While he had no special request I assumed that he would be pleased with a special greeting. So I donned a set of tart's fancy knickers, those frilly and lacy items that both men and women love but often for different reasons. This gentleman enjoys toys, so I had dug into my stash for a couple of items and grabbed a set of anal beads for myself.

After bathing I inserted the beads then dressed, he would arrive in the next half hour so stretched out the bed and thumbed through a magazine. My phone rang, it was him, he was in a cab and would be there shortly. I heard him at the door with the bellman. When the bellman left I slunk out to greet him.

He was pleased and as we kissed his hand ran down my ass and discovered the ring for the beads. Though he wouldn’t admit it I don’t think he knew what they were. “Something for you to play with” I teased, “later.” And then I undressed him. Finally I bent over and asked that he do the honors.



Anonymous Christopher said...

I'm sooooo jealous a weekend at San Marino GP. Don't forget your ear plugs and your sexiest shades, its all about the shades at the SMGP.

3:13 PM  
Anonymous anewyorkjohn said...

Just found your blog. Very interesting reading, very.

5:05 PM  
Blogger Pete from Cal said...

you're amazing Kim! No wonder all your clients are hooked on you because you remember all the little things they like that matters. I guess true intimacy is what differentiates civi and work relationship. Blurring the line is not good.

Congrats on your new apartment. Is it as nice as what you shared with Elise? Maybe Mimi landed a big job for Kim&Co? :) Have fun at the Formula 1.

4:09 AM  
Anonymous Valiant said...

I do not mean this meanly but I was amused by your use of the term "civilian realtionship". Civilian as opposed to what? Military? Is this war?

Seriously I enjoy your blog and how people live in a world I do not understand and have never inhabited. The sort of money that is implied in your "profession" is beyond my personal means, if I am to provide for my family.

I have never thought myself poorly paid, but obviously I have been deluding myself (smile), but then maybe I am rewarded in other ways?

6:21 PM  
Blogger Kim said...

Valiant, providing for ones family is good and honorable and perhaps your reward.

The income from my profession is temporary. It is incumbent upon me to build a career beyond sex lest I find myself working behind the cosmetics counter at Printemps. If that were to happen my average income across my life time would not seem so impressive.


8:21 PM  
Anonymous Valiant said...

I may have expressed myself poorly. The "poor" I meant was in terms of how much some men have as disposable income to pay for the (exquisite) company and services you and your colleagues can provide. My monthly(!) discretionary spend after mrotgage, bills, school fees and living expenses for the family is barely $1,000 and that still has to cover vacations, trips, clothes etc. So the fees a night let alone a day or a weekend with you would cost me is efefctively beyond my reach.

That said I do have a beautiful daughter who I love dearly and in whom I invest time and effort and love and all sorts. This is, as they say, a one time investment opportunity and I really value it. I was actually out of work for maybe 18 months but it was a time when my daughter was in her early days at school and being around to support her was wonderful....something not every father has (or maybe wants to have) the opportunity to do.

I do hope these men really appreciate things of value when the see them (and I don't mean just price!)

3:33 PM  

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