Thursday, April 13, 2006

A reader asked a logistical question about escorting, how do I manage clothing for the following morning. If I have access to where I’ll be staying prior to our date then it’s easy and in the winter long coats covers most unsuitable outfits. The most difficult morning after clothing dilemma is formal wear.

As beautiful as that Givenchy gown is and no matter how many admiring looks you received at seven PM, at seven AM those same folks will snicker. So unless one wants to suffer the formal equivalent of Heroine Girl’s “tube ride of shame,” aka, taking the metro home on Sunday afternoon while still wearing your club dress from Saturday night. You need a plan.

Dressing at his residence or the hotel is the best and the most fun. But that is often not possible, as you meet at the venue or a bar and leave from there. Most of us think of formal parties as special affairs, something that we should enjoy and remember, but for many on the social circuit they are an obligation and they are pushed down the priority list.

This winter I was among eight women and a couple of men who cooled our heels in a lobby outside the venue waiting for our dates. Most were resigned to our plight but one young woman was upset with her partner for meeting a client just prior to the event. To which a grand dame commented, “Dear, this is not important.”

For these occasions I have an elegant little satchel. Leather sided with nylon accordion pleats that allow it to expand several centimeters. About the size of a computer bag, empty it is as thick as a padded envelope and is large enough to hold my morning attire essentials; a pair of flats or sandals, clean panties, a jersey or t-shirt and a pair of leggings or shorts and maybe a pair of socks. In addition I have a plastic clothing storage bag and a folding hanger. Usually I can leave it in his car or at the coat check. In the worst case it’s small enough to go under my chair.

In the morning everything goes into the suit bag and I head for the taxi stand.



Anonymous VJ said...

Smart girl that Kim. Me, I also have with me on most outings at least enough reading material to occupy my time for a max of about 6-8 Hrs. Seldom do I ever need the entire stack, but some docs have kept me waiting for hours, and it's come in handy more than once! Cheers & Good Luck! 'VJ'

10:01 AM  

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