Tuesday, April 04, 2006

The strike finally effected me directly Today as I was an hour late for an appointment.

What bothers me about the protesters is that they have not put forward a workable alternative to deal with the root issue – the twenty-two percent unemployment rate among people under twenty-five. Go into any club or coffeehouse in Paris and engage any person in that age group and they will tell you that they know someone who has emigrated to work in another country. Canada, England, Spain and the US seem the most popular and for the more adventurous Brazil, Argentina and Chile with the most adventurous off to Viet Nam, Shanghai and Africa. Many young adults who are working are doing so in an informal capacity or are working as ‘contractors’ in name only.

There is much that I admire in the French social safety net, the fact the healthcare system allows opportunity to take career risks with out wondering what happens if you get sick. The fact that people are not condemned to poverty simply because they are old or driven to poverty because of illness or injury. But making sacrosanct every last paragraph of a worthy system with out dealing responsibly with its failings is childish.


I’ve decided to defer being a real estate baroness to a future time; the commitment is too great. Perhaps when Kim & Co is more settled and I’m no longer escorting I’ll revisit the idea as I find it appealing. So now I need to find a place. Over the weekend and last week I looked at several, a place in the Latin Quarter appealed to me but the surrounding neighborhood is too collegiate. I almost felt like I was back at the Uni. I have confronted and resolved the difference between my wants and my willingness to pay and a compromise has been reached. The sixth, seventh and eighth are out and so is a doorman building and I'll pay a bit more.



Blogger Pete from Cal said...

The protests in Paris have appeared nightly in the news and it appears to get worst. I'm surprised the protesters are not willing to compromise and it is either their way or no way while not concerned about the high youth unemployment rate. I guess they are afraid to lose what little protection they have for those who are lucky to have a job. Be careful and stay out of harms way because protests can get violent unexpectedly.

Good luck on your apartment hunting and don't forget to find one that wiill allow pets because the pugs might visit. :)

8:20 PM  
Blogger El Diablo De Verde said...

I wonder how the French will be able to compete globally one day with the hundreds of millions of people from other countries who don't go on strike every time their employment bennies get threatened.

I've tagged you, MCG... if you feel like filling out a meme. :P

12:36 AM  
Blogger HeroineGirl said...

Hello bella,

Much love and hugs to you xx I love your writing and I don't get to comment enough. You really are the sweetest thing (((hugs)))

1:35 AM  

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