Thursday, May 25, 2006


Often I am awake before my clients and so it was this morning. When I learned that I would need to be in Antwerp for Kim & Co business I checked if I had any past sex clients that could be seen during the trip and there was. I saw him only once, in Paris more than a year ago. The email address was bad so I called him and fortunately he was where he could take the call. These types of calls are awkward to make or receive. We agreed to meet for an evening and he asked if I could host so I made a reservation in a hotel of his recommendation. Later he called and asked if we could make it an overnight. No problem.

He lay facing me; I’ve come to the conclusion that none of us are beautiful or handsome when sleeping, though children can be cute. I know that he is married as are many of my clients and I wondered what he told his wife. That he was traveling on business? That he was taking clients out and they’d be very late?

Suddenly as I watched his eyes popped open. My startle and flee instinct kicked in and I shut my eyes and started to roll over. But then a more learned response took over and I snapped into companion mode, smiled and snuggled against him. When I began escorting it took me a couple of hours to prepare myself mentally and emotionally for the date and at least as long after to decompress. When spending the night with a client I would face away from them in the morning and when I felt them stir I would go to the bathroom and prepare. Now I simply flip on the persona.

We cuddled for a bit and then took care of the morning necessaries. Back in bed he was ready to go with a nicer erection than last evening. A good nights sleep benefits everything. He seems to prefer rear entry and so do I and from a spoon position he entered me then reached around to tease my clit, which brought me to a mild O as he climaxed. He disposed of the condom and then returned to bed. We small talked a bit and he asked if I wanted breakfast, I said no and he took that to mean our time was up. After he left I called for room service and got ready for my meeting.



Anonymous another escort said...

Overnight. I've never tried it, usually because people never offer to pay me enough. Sometimes a guy will pay me for an hour and then sweetly let me know I can stay the night if I want, without offering me anything. So I'm curious: Would you consider yourself an escort or a courtesan?

3:47 AM  
Blogger Kim said...

Escort or courtesan? I see this is parsing of labels as a difference with out a differentiator. I’m a woman who provides companionship and physical comfort to gentleman in return for financial compensation. Whatever label can be used I’ve likely referred to myself as that in the blog.


12:43 PM  

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