Monday, May 29, 2006

Arrangements were made to meet Juliette’s daughter at the park with the pugs, her dog and the child. We all arrived at the same time and Abelard and Heloise seeing their Aunt Kim went into the typical ingratiating dog behavior that quickly morphed into serious play when the Pyrenees decided to join. The Pyr weighs probably twice the combined weight of the pugs but that didn’t stop them from hurling themselves at her nor her swatting them away like flies. The pastou would then chase the pugs trampling one or the other under foot. A loud yelp of pain would stop the activity for a second till all caught their breath and then they were off again.

The child loved the activity and very much enjoyed being a pylon in the dogs chase. Now pugs can be aptly described as bowling balls on four legs and toddlers make awfully good facsimiles of ten pins. You can see where this is leading. The Pyr forced Abelard to adjust his course and the new one took him over the child, who began wailing more surprised than hurt. The crying set off the guarding instinct in the pastou who drove off the pugs. Now Abelard and Heloise are not the brightest creatures on God’s green earth could not understand why their friend was so aggressive but they figured I’d protect them.

The adults decided that we have had enough fun and called it a day after making plans to meet for lunch next week.


Saturday I dragged Anne Marie to nearly every furniture shop in the city in search of the perfect desk and cabinet. The quest was successful and I picked up an L-shaped, glass top desk and stained beech cabinet. While my living room apartment is a nice size, putting a desk in can make feel cramped so hopefully the glass top will help it visually disappear. The desk can also be pressed in to service as a dining table for six as the L can be attached to the end lengthening the surface. Again this helps with space as the living and dining areas are a single space and I stole some of what would be the dining room for the living room so the desk would not dominate the living space. But that left only room for a bistro table that can seat only three. The furniture arrives Wednesday and I anticipate Café Kim to be open next Sunday for brunch.

The French Open started today and Gavin has been sending mash notes in anticipation of our being together in a couple of weeks. I’m looking forward to seeing him though not enthralled with the idea of watching eight to twelve hours of tennis three days in a row. Only for money.



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