Monday, May 15, 2006

He’s a Paris version of Ted, my date from Thursday night and Friday, but I’m getting ahead of myself. By a Paris version of Ted I mean that he’s a womanizer but fortunately it doesn’t seem that alcohol and drug abuse is part of his offering and he is definitely fun to be with. Just don’t expect anything beyond a good time.

We had dinner at a cabaret and after, with his tongue firmly planted in his cheek, invited me up to see his ‘etchings.’ When I tried needing to walk the pugs as an excuse he said, “then we’ll look at your etchings.” When we got to the apartment he offered to take the dogs while I got comfortable…

I heard him leave about four AM and expected that I’d seen the last of him but when I got up I found a note saying he’d call. While having breakfast after walking the dogs he called and apologized for leaving and explained that he had an early morning meeting. Oh and by the way was I busy that (Friday) evening.

He showed up about eight and suggested dinner at a neighborhood brasserie, all the quicker to get back to my bed. He impressed me right a way by asking what I enjoyed so I touched his lips and then touched my pussy. He got the idea. After a rousing orgasm I asked him what he’d like, a hand job and to watch me masturbate and play with toys. We started with the HJ and after I brought myself to an O with a vibrator he put on a condom, pulled me atop him and we fucked and fucked.

In the morning I awoke to a finger brushing my clit and that almost had me peeing in the bed. After relieving myself we picked up where we left off the night before till the pugs demanded a walk. After the walk and breakfast we came back to the apartment and he left around four, sheepishly admitting that he had a date that night. He said he’d call, but not when, so I don’t know if it will be this week or next year. It was a nice weekend.


Sunday I had an imaginary conversation with my mother. I was trying to conjure up what we would be talking about now if she were still alive. I feel like I succeeded and that made me feel sad and good at the same time. Leah called me very early in the day for her and we decided to wake Kenny and Grace. Mom would have approved.


I was reading about the CIA hookers and poker scandal and it reminded me of why I avoid seeing politicians.



Anonymous VJ said...

Such a smart girl for that last thought too, Kim! Cheers & Good Luck! 'VJ'

12:13 PM  
Blogger Pete from Cal said...

Wow, this Paris version of Ted is a playboy and a gentleman, that is nice. At least you see him for what he is and not involved in this blindly. I like the fact that he is able to admit to have another date after he leaves your place. Is this the guy you met at the airport? Have fun! :)

6:34 PM  
Blogger Kim said...

Yeah, the guy from the airport. And predictably he hasn't called, but I'm not surprised.


6:38 PM  

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