Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Leah called this morning and told me of the rains they’ve been having. It hasn’t bothered her too much as she lives in the Back Bay and takes the subway to work but a few of her co-workers live on the north shore and travel to and from Boston has been a hassle. She reports that they are plotting to hijack a ‘duck boat’ to commute in.

A Kim & Co client has requested that I travel to Antwerp for a meeting on the day I’m moving and it was one of those I don’t have another choice but to go requests. I checked with my mover who said that won’t be a problem and that I should just clearly mark what goes from this apartment, plus the stuff in storage and they’ll place everything in the rooms that seem to make sense and unpack, with an additional fee for unpacking. I signed up.



Anonymous VJ said...

Have some one standing by who might check in on them Kim. And plenty of insurance too. This where the French maxim of '2-3 moves is the equivalent of a fire' come in handy.

The Duck boats would certainly come in handy, and it's where they were actually meant to be used. Not on open water tours of the Harbor.

Cheers & Good Luck with the move & Biz. 'VJ'

10:57 AM  
Blogger Pete from Cal said...

Yeah, the weather is bad in the Northeast.. glad to hear your family are doing okay there.

Can't you have AM check in on the movers if it is not too inconvenient for her? If they are anything like those here in the states, I wouldn't trust them. *shrug* I'm excited about your new place. Take care!

6:27 PM  

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