Monday, May 01, 2006

Um. Interesting weekend. But first I met this morning with a fellow who I’m retaining as a full time contractor through July. Our summer is busy enough to keep Mimi and I hopping even if no other business comes in, but things get dicey after mid October. He can fill in where needed and since he has plans in the fall he doesn’t need a commitment beyond a few months.

Finally figured out what Hanna wants, she’s considering relocating to Paris and wants to develop some friends outside of fashion and she’s beginning to consider life after modeling. I understand that.

The pugs arrived Friday for an extended stay as Dad and Juliette are often off to visit Dad’s family and then they are touring Inca and Mayan historic sites. This is trip Dad has wanted to do for years, but I think Juliette signed up for it before she found out that he wanted to do much of it as part of a jeep tour.

Saturday Anne Marie and I were to meet Carole and Tomas for lunch. As Abelard and Heloise dragged us along the sidewalk a vehicle caught my eye and I stopped. It was Buster. As we crossed the street I saw the flag decals of the countries we visited in the window, and then I saw the For Sale sign. I read the telephone number, I didn’t recognize it but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t his. As we looked at the camper a young man came out of a café and asked if we were interested in seeing it.

I asked him if it was his and he affirmed that and I then asked how long he had owned it. He told me he bought Buster in the fall from a guy who had rebuilt it and went on to tell me all the things about Buster I already knew. He gave me the key and I opened the door and pulled myself into the drivers seat, releasing a flood of memories. Buster started right up and sounded so familiar. AM stood on the sidewalk holding the leashes with a look of disbelief on her face. Of course I wanted to test drive it and we all piled in. (Note to self: the pugs need to be in their crates in the car).

Before we went a block I wanted Buster, which I know is completely nuts. After we parked I asked how much? The guy gave me a price with a kind of hopeful note in his voice. I offered him an amount a third less than he asked, he equivocated and I cut him off before he answered with “I need to think about it,” but I’m pretty sure he’ll settle close to my price.

As we walked away AM told me I was crazy to buy the camper listing all the practical reasons for not doing so. I put forward a bunch of rationalizations to which she responded that I was irrational. Defending my self I pointed out I had been irrational before and could be so again. The difference was this time it was a camper and not a dress. The conversation quickly degenerated to our usual good-natured bickering and that continued till we found Carole, Tomas and the lovely little princess Agnes.

Recognizing the signs Carole asked, “What are you two arguing about now?” AM told them and they looked at each other and Tomas asked if I really intended to buy Buster. I allowed that I wanted to, but it was impractical. He then said that they were interested, so I gave them the number and what I felt about the price remembering how interested Tomas was in Buster when Dmitri showed him the camper. Tomas called the guy and they arranged to meet. Agnes was left with us and an hour or so later Tomas and Carole returned with the news they were the new owners.

Over lunch they delivered the new that they are moving to Marseille to be closer to their families. Carole went on about how the babies could grow up near their cousins and grand parents. I stopped her and held up Agnes and asked, “Babies?” She smiled and then announced the other news she’s pregnant.



Anonymous VJ said...

Geez, I never saw that coming either. I'm glad Buster found a proper home. They'll be keeping some mechanic quite happy down south, (well probably several actually). Hope the Kim & Co doing well and growing. Cheers & Good Luck! 'VJ'

9:22 AM  
Blogger Kim said...

Neither did I VJ, it was so strange.


12:39 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't know... it is things like this that make me really believe in the physics of the things you can't control... I am not one to be superstitious, but having these things happens really does mean something I think. And I am not either a believer in the holy powers. But doesn't that stuff just freak you out?! Somehow that is good luck and good closure for you Kim. It shows that you really do care, and I think that Dimitri did very much as well... Hm? And even through all of it you have taken care of him... you contributed something for his moving on but it will forever be in your heart. I think it is sweet actually...

7:45 PM  
Blogger Pete from Cal said...

Wow, talk about a small world. I'm sure seeing Buster brought back a lot of fun yet painful memories as well. I'm glad you didn't buy it because it would be purely on a sentimental basis and not rational. Glad Carole and Tomas would take good care of it. Also congrats in seeing Kim&Co adding a new staff for the time being. Hope things are well! :)

5:08 AM  

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