Monday, June 19, 2006

Café Kim opened for Father’s Day, Dad being the guest of honor but also Tomas and Christian, Juliette’s son. Usually brunch starts around ten and runs till about one. The early morning is normally a quiet time for me as I do my preparations and start the items that need to cook for a while. This morning I had help, Carole who has recently begun to expand her recipes beyond those provided by her mother and mother-in-law and Mia, Christian’s wife, who is a professional chef. Needless to say I enjoy cooking with her as it is like being let in on the secrets of a society.

They arrived about eight and Christian and Tomas took the children and Rachel to the park. To Rach and Amy a kitchen is a box of take out menus and cooking is picking up the phone. Mia and Carole may have met, I can’t remember, but it was fun to listen to them get to know each other. They talked about their children of course and Carole’s pregnancy and Marseilles. C&M had lived there for a few years and T&C will be moving there soon.

The first of the quests arrived about ten, Anne Marie and Chloe, who will also be the last to leave since they volunteer to clean up. Dad and Juliette arrived before eleven. He looked so devishly handsome, I hope J knows what a prize she has. The regulars arrived and even a stranger, a young Canadian man who is spending a year studying at one of the Sorbonne’s. He has only been in Paris a week and meet Nathalie who told him that any body who is anyone goes to Café Kim. She gave me a heads up and he was desperate enough to make some friends that he came and did he bring an appetite.


Heather Mills a call girl? It doesn’t matter really and I wonder how many of those reveling in the gossip wouldn’t trade their virtue for $10,000 a night? I have no idea why those two split maybe Paul finally realized that Heather isn’t and wouldn’t be Linda or Heather got tired of trying to live up to an idealized memory.

From the little I’ve read it doesn’t seem that this is a particularly bitter divorce, sure Paul is going to be taken to the cleaners because there wasn’t a pre-nup, but so what? What I find disgusting are all the boring little supplicants who worship McCartney and feel it is their duty to destroy Heather. I wonder what effect this will have on their child as she gets old enough to understand what is happening?

Frankly I find Paul McCartney a bore, a soft old man whose music is pabulum. Now my parents loved the Beatles and the subsequent works of the various members. Dad must have every LP and CD published and ripped downloads of questionable provenance. Once after enduring one of my Paul is boring rants he told me that I sounded like him talking about Frank Sinatra to his mother. What’s really funny about that is that I adore the music of Frank Sinatra and find his life interesting.



Anonymous VJ said...

Yes, it seems as if Frank had a much more interesting life. Sir Paul is richer, but he's always been the boring one in the group. He was almost single handedly responsible for much of their business success though because of it probably. We don't get a whole lot of the gossip over here because of Paul's age. Fewer people are around who remember him well. Sounds like the Cafe Kim really cooks! Cheers & Good Luck! 'VJ'

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