Thursday, June 22, 2006

The email read: “Hi Kim, a friend suggested that I look you up when I was in Paris. Would you be available…?” The message came to my escort email account and that address does not circulate widely so I decided to treat it as legitimate even though the request was made from a hotmail account.

I responded back asking the name of the friend. His answer came back quickly so I figured he was on line; but I didn’t recognize the name and responded with that fact. “Actually your name came from ____, a friend of my friend.” This name I recognized as I had seen the gentleman once, over a year ago.

In my next email I explained that before we discussed anything I needed certain information: his full name, home and business address with their respective phone numbers and he needed to send me a benign email from the business account associated with that business address. He hemmed and hawed about providing the info but did a few days later.

After verifying who he was I emailed him asking about his interests. He replied that he would be in Paris on business and as it would be his first time here, he desired a companion to accompany and stay with him for the two days. I confirmed that those were services I provided and asked him to suggest a time that I could call him to discuss this further and that prior to that call he needed to provide me with an escort reference. He sent me a name and contact info for a girl he had seen a few times. She reported that he was safe.

We had our phone conversation and it almost fell apart around my fee and terms. But I had downloaded his (he’s the Pres./CEO) companies annual report and relevant SEC filing so I knew what he made the last year and the value of the options he had cashed in, so I knew that he could afford me. He finally agreed but asked for the option of canceling the second day, I agreed.

He arrived early Wednesday morning from NY. I had arranged a car for sight seeing and met him at the airport. He arranged his schedule with Wednesday being a rest day with his meetings Thursday. I spotted him just as he cleared Customs. He sent me several pictures they were headshots and to his advantage. In person he was soft appearing, a bit over weight and balding. I didn’t mention it, but he needs a new tailor, his suit, from Ralph Lauren, likely procured at a department store, fit him poorly. I imagine that the clerk kept going up in size till they found a jacket that would button and then hacked up the suit till it kind of fit.

He wanted to shower and change before seeing the city and I made sure he was properly serviced. He decided that the second day was needed and I’ll meet him after his meetings.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

This post makes you look sooo arrogant, complacent and bitchy...

8:42 PM  
Anonymous Christopher said...

I think your completely wrong Anon I believe it makes her thorough,safe,and smart. I believe a shopping pit stop must be made to get him a new suit though. Nothing irks me more than a poorly dressed person with the means to rectify it. I'm sure if you picked something out Kim he would buy it and probably a gift for you as well. Enjoy your weekend and VIVA MEXICO!!!

9:55 PM  
Anonymous VJ said...

Yeah, you really can't be too careful out there! And these cheap but still very expensive SOB CEO's have almost destroyed all indursty in the 'states by now. Just amazing. Me I get my suits made for me. They're about the same price and they finally fit me. Been doing that for about 20 years, and I'm no CEO! Cheers & Kee Safe! 'VJ'

11:44 AM  
Blogger Kim said...

Anon: Guilty on all three counts at least part of the time. I'll not apologize for digging into a client's background, nor for treating the initial contact carefully.

I also googled him and came across a local boy makes good interview in his hometown newspaper. That gave me a hint on his interests and I was able to bring him to a Paris venue that covered the interest. He was pleased.

Regarding the suit. For sightseeing he changed to a casual silk shirt and khakis, he looked quite nice. For dinner he wore a second suit that was of the proper size and tailored well.

In the morning I suggested he wear the second suit to his meeting and from that he admitted he wasn't happy with the Lauren.


12:15 PM  
Blogger Pete from Cal said...

Glad you're able to show this new friend a good time. You did a good job in showing him the value of your service and he's smart enough to see it. A win, win situation for all. :)

7:20 AM  

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