Friday, June 16, 2006

Rachel arrived Thursday evening like a whirlwind with the declaration that this is the last free summer of her life. Meaning she’s entering her final year at law school and will need to find a job next year. Rachel has a trust fund that nearly anyone would envy. It has few strings attached but one is a big one, she either needs to be enrolled in college and making progress towards a degree or working and if she can’t decide on a job her dad will find her one at a family business.

Though I love Rach dearly but she is an airhead and I find it frustrating that she can’t find a direction where she can apply her talents. I found myself lecturing her about this but stopped when she reminded me that when we left school I had no plans for my life beyond moving to Paris while the rest of our group could articulate what they wanted to do in the upcoming years. I took her point and shut up.

She brought up that she is planning to investigate working for an NGO and I suggested that she speak to my Uncle Ken. “You mean Mr. Giddy Up,” she asked. “The same,” I replied wondering how red my face was. When we were in college Ken came to town to participate in a symposium at another institution. He invited me, and a couple of friends out to dinner and later we brought him to a party. He was enjoying himself and I found the keeper of some magic weed and was pretty wasted when he made his good-bys. What I didn’t know then but found out a couple of days later is that he left with a pair of my sorority sisters who were not shy about sharing the details, in particular how Ken would reflexively say giddy up, giddy up as he climaxed.

Rach asked me to call Ken and see if he’d be available to see her before she returns to the states.



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