Wednesday, June 14, 2006

The tourists are back; the sidewalks and streets around popular sites are packed so that walking even becomes a challenge. A pod of people will be moving along and then a couple or more than one couple stops dead in their tracks to point or check the map resulting in a near pile up by those seeking to go from point A to point B.

First timers mostly stay near the attractions but some will find their way into the back streets of the neighborhoods either intentionally or they’re lost. After realizing they are lost and a cursory look at the map won’t help they look around and spy a cute café and say “oh well, let’s eat”. That might explain the couple next to Chloe and me at lunch today. They were in their mid thirties, both a bit plump but not excessively so. It passed through my mind that these two have been together long enough that they are beginning to resemble each other.

Over hearing their conversation I knew they were Americans, they poured over a map looking at street signs and then back at the map. I doubted that these streets were on a tourist map. As Chloe told me about the hottie she met last evening and their plans for the weekend I heard the woman suggest that they ask the waiter. Of course since they paid the check, he was nowhere to bee seen.

They stopped the bus boy who is an adorable Croatian boy whose English is non existent and whose French is nearly so. In a bit of desperation, seasoned with frustration, he excused himself and asked if we could show them the way to the Musée des Arts de la Mode et du Textile. He asked in tortured guidebook French in an accent that could be only from Kentucky. After he finished the question they both listened intently hoping to understand my response. So I smiled and asked, “Where in Kentucky are you from?” For a second they were stunned and then smiles of relief washed over their faces. Chloe excused herself as she needed to return to work and I gave them the directions and when I finished I asked what their interest in the Musée was.

He told me that he worked for a textile company in the US and the museum was of professional interest and as we chatted some more I learned that this was their first trip to Europe in order to celebrate their 15th wedding anniversary (gosh Kim you’re good I thought) and were doing a seven-day London/Paris whirlwind that was leaving them exhausted and she missed the children. I needed to ask about the kids, three boys; six, nine and twelve. At their Grandparents being spoiled.

She asked me about a restaurant that the concierge at the hotel recommended for their anniversary dinner. I responded that it was a fine place but overpriced and that they may feel rushed. He asked if had a suggestion and after determining where they were staying I made one. An intimate spot that is a favorite and I know the owner. I knew that a last minute reservation might be difficult so I gave him my business card and told him that when they called to say they were my friends and that I had sent them.

He took my card and gave me his and then looked mine over. “What does Kim & Co do?” He asked. By now I saw that he was a VP of Marketing, so I told him giving a bit of a sales pitch for my services.



Anonymous Christopher said...

You go Kim! Good luck with the new prospect. Your right about couples starting to look like each other after so many years together. I'm trying my damndest not to become as soft as my wife after 11 years of togetherness.

9:24 PM  
Blogger Pete from Cal said...

You good samaritan, you! And spreading the gospel of Kim&Co while you're at it too. :) It was funny how you made him sweat in his torture, broken French before speaking up. Very nice of you to offer your name so they can make a reservation at your friend's place for their anniversary. I hope you shall be rewarded for your goodness with some projects for Kim&Co. :)

I thought Rachel is suppose to visit?

2:19 AM  
Anonymous VJ said...

Yes very nice Kim. And of course you knew that these are some very special people if they're from KY and made the effort to actually speak some French. Not only do spouses come to resemble their owers, but so do dogs. We do over feed everything... Cheers, 'VJ'

8:40 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

And Johnny Depp's from Kentucky and he lives in France too!

5:14 PM  
Blogger Kim said...

Chris: we'll assume you mean cuddly soft.
Pete: Rach reports she is in Europe. Doing her grand tour I suppose. That girl has a future as a dowarger.

VJ/Pete: it impressed me that they tried, I suspect they may even have practiced. What also impressed me is that they possibly were aware of the French (and Italian) complaint that American tourists dress like slobs. They dressed American business casual and that's acceptable.

Though I wanted to take her down to a nearby dress shop to exchange the 'mom' jeans she was wearing for a nice loose fitting day dress. She would be more comfortable and it would be slimming.


5:46 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"resemble their owers, but so do dogs"

That's what I'm afraid of, my wife begining to resemble her dog. A bulldog

10:51 PM  

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