Monday, June 26, 2006

We had our going away party for Carole, Tomas and Agnes this weekend. Anyone who has ever moved to an entirely new place where they may not know a soul or only a few, goes through a crisis believing they will never have any friends and will never fit in. I was going through such a time, it was mid November and I was tending bar and living in a tower room above a gay couples living room.

I was convinced that I was failing and planned to move back to the states after Christmas. My plan, though I hadn’t told anyone, was to return to the city where I went to college as I lacked the confidence to try NY, Boston or Washington. It was familiar and safe, Christine would give me a place to land and I had a standing job offer from the ad agency where I interned.

Then I met Janna, a struggling photojournalist from Poland and we became friends and roommates, as the tower room was never intended to be permanent. Then we met Anne Marie and Chloe, who knew Carole. I was at a café and met Judith invited her to have coffee with us. What we had in common is that we were migrants who had come to Paris to start our lives and needed friends who understood what the others were going through. Tomas nicknamed us the Six and it stuck. Later Nathalie and Yvette would join our merry group. When Janna returned to Poland, Elyse slipped in to take her place. Overtime we all have developed relationships outside the group but we continue to be important to each other.

Tomas took me aside and asked if I would like to see the changes that he had made to Buster. Fishing is Tomas’s favorite activity, it doesn’t matter if it is fresh water or salt water, from a boat or off the shore. Buster was all polished and glistened with the raindrops beaded on his surface. Right off the bat I could see the racks for the kayak and holders for the larger ocean rods. Inside there was a rack over the window holding a couple of fly rods. What he was most proud of is that he made a series of tackle boxes that nest in a cubby under a seat, each box containing the necessary items for the type of fishing he was doing.

I looked about Buster; the camper had never looked better. “Dmitri would approve,” I said with out thinking. “You think so?” Tomas asked and I nodded. “Have you heard from him?” He asked and I shook my head and said no. “Have you?” I asked and he told me that he tried contacting him a few times but that D never returned a call.

After me, Tomas probably missed D the most. Often when our group gets together he will often be the only guy. We joke with him about being our rooster, but Tomas is great about it but he did enjoy get togethers when other guys were around. He and D were becoming friends but that ended.



Anonymous compartments call girl said...

I also moved to a new place with no friends a few years ago and fell into a really great group of women. Last week, one of them moved back to her hometown and it was pretty emotional for us.

5:30 AM  
Anonymous Vixen said...

I too have moved to a new place with no friends. It's quite the emotional roller coaster. Time is the only thing that seems to cure it.

9:04 AM  

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