Monday, July 17, 2006

How to explain this weekend? Maybe some background will make it easier.

In early June I received an email that started, “Hi Kim, this is Raymond ________. Do you remember me? I did, he was a guy in my high school, check that, pre-school, elementary, junior high and high school.

What I remembered about him was that he was a nice guy, kind of nerdy and very serious. The kind of person who tried to provide an answer to a rhetorical or ironic questions. Tall and thin with bushy hair and glasses that were always askew, and often held together with a paper clip or medical tape and toothpicks. I haven’t thought of him in years and his name has never come up in talking with Gail or anyone else I grew up with.

It seems that he was visiting his family for Memorial Day and Gail’s folks had been invited over for a cook out. In bringing him up to date on her family her mother mentioned that I lived in Paris. Upon hearing this he asked how he could get in touch with me as he and some friends were coming to Germany for the World Cup and then were going to spend a week sightseeing. She gave him my email address and hence the contact.

This isn’t the first time someone from my past has contacted me when they were going to be in Paris and in general I’m happy to meet them for a meal or even play tour guide. Arrangements were made and he would arrive late Friday night and I’d take him on a world wind tour of the city. We determined we are both early risers so seven AM Saturday found me waiting in the lobby of his hotel with Waldo at the curb.

A guy got off the elevator and with a glance I dismissed him as not possibly being Raymond, but then he said, Kim? OMG I thought. The glasses were gone, the hair tamed and while still tall no one would say he was thin. Ripped would be more like it. He gave me a hug in greeting me and I sort of felt a little weak in the knees. Pull yourself together I thought.

So off we went and had a wonderful day. About mid afternoon Raymond mentioned that he’d like to see some of the countryside around Paris, so we drove out of town to a park where we went for a walk. The arm around my waist, being pulled toward him then the anticipated kiss followed by several more in session of lip lock. I felt him fiddling with the zipper on my sundress and said with a smile “What are you doing?” To which he gave the direct and truthful answer, “Trying to take your dress off. I’ll stop if you want me to.” Hell no I thought, I’d been giving fuck me signals all day. The dress was soon on the ground and the thong atop it. “Your turn,” I said, and I watched him remove his shirt and as began to pull his pants over his foot I said, “If you want me you’ll have to catch me,” and started to run. I didn’t get very far, maybe two steps, when he dove and caught me by the ankle and I fell in a giggling heep.

He crawled atop me and silenced the laughter with his kisses. Spreading my wings, he shifted atop me and I felt him slide into me. It was wonderful. Later we collected our things and returned to Paris and his hotel to retrieve his bag on the way to my apartment where we made love, showered, made love, had dinner then made love for dessert.

Morning started the same but by the time we had pastries and coffee his impending departure began to rain on our little parade. Finally to break the silence I asked what time his flight was, though I knew. He responded with “I wish I didn’t have to go.” I acknowledged that I was feeling the same and little boy appeared again as he tried to find a solution to an unsolvable problem. “Look, let’s just see what happens,” I suggested. “At worst we have the memory of a wonderful day. And who knows…”

I could see the way he scrunched up his face he wasn’t ready to accept this so I adjusted the subject a bit and spoke of Leah’s wedding and asked him if he could come to Boston that weekend. He jumped at the chance and the promise of another weekend lightened both our moods.

Monday I had breakfast with Anne Marie who helped me deconstruct this latest twist of fate. She pointed out that I knew everything and almost nothing about him. What I did know was that he was stable and forthright with a twist of adventure so he wasn’t dull. That I’ve known him most of my life makes me very comfortable with him and the fact that he turned out drop dead gorgeous is well, a benefit. Her comment as she left me was a wink and to say good luck.

I’m in London. Tomorrow is press day for the London British Motor Show, which begins Thursday. Earlier I met with my clients marketing team and with the temp people who I’m responsible for who will be working the trade show floor for us. Later I had a drink with the PR agent and his boyfriend. The agent was bemoaning his fate of needing to issue press releases when there was no new news. I gently needled him about wasn’t that what PR agents were supposed to do, create excitement where there wasn’t any? He moaned and asked me how the dealer/distributor agreements were coming for the UK and I told him that he would have some real news to announce soon. Good was his last comment.



Anonymous VJ said...

That almost sounds completely wholesome too Kim. Something granddad could have done way back when. [Except he would rock out with Heep or know that he was in David Copperfield]. Sounds interesting so far though. He seemed to be a complete gent about the entire scene too. A sure rarity.

You're perfectly right about PR flacks. If they can't create something from nothing, they're out of a job. The Chinese are going to be building MG's in OK soon. That ought to put the fear of Heepishness in those Brits yet! Cheers & Good Luck! 'VJ'

10:26 AM  
Anonymous VJ said...

A Slightly less wholesome tale is here:
Hoosegow Honey of the Year 2006

And Check out the old ads on the sidebar! Sometimes I miss Iowa... Cheers, 'VJ'

11:54 AM  
Blogger Pete from Cal said...

What an unexpected romantic weekend, Kim! :) Although it is nice to be carried away by the moment and indulged in the lust/infatuation, but AM is right about you knew everything and yet nothing about him. Take it slow and find out more. From what we know so far, things look promising and I hope it'll work out because I'd certainly love a happy ending for my heroine! :) Take care!

7:00 PM  
Blogger Kim said...

It is too good to be true and the distance barrier is likely insurmountable, a twelve hour flight and a cost that makes it prohibitive to go more than a couple of times a year

AM and I have continued to deconstruct (we probably need to join the MLA) this relationship like we do all our relationships and it won't work. But I'll play it out otherwise I'll keep asking what if?

If I can't meet someone nice that lives in Paris, at least they could live in Europe.


10:55 PM  
Anonymous comfortably numb said...

Hi, just wanted to say hi. I havent been around much, but Im catching up on your blog. Glad all is well. Talk to you wsoon.

7:59 AM  
Anonymous VJ said...

Stranger things have happened Kim, but distance is always a factor. Still it sounds fun. Cheers & Good Luck! 'VJ'

9:33 AM  
Anonymous Faithful Reader said...

Is it possible this was unprotected sex? - or did the narrative miss out some details...

10:51 AM  

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