Thursday, July 06, 2006

Jacques is picking me up later. I’m accompanying him to Goodwood in England where there is some celebration of boy’s toys. Mostly mechanical I believe but likely female also. We’re taking the auto train through the Chunnel. I’m pretty sure he’ll be driving his red rocket ship and I’m a bit concerned. In my old neighborhood a Ferrari parked in front of your building would earn a glance but would be no big deal. But in my current neighborhood I fear that it will attract an audience trying to see who is driving it and who is being picked up. I’d rather not have that attention.


I knew this would come up when I was with my family. I was sitting with Grace, Leah and Catherine when Leah commented to Catherine, “It’s time for you to pay up.” I looked at all of them quizzically as C reached into her wallet and gave each of them a ten-dollar bill. Then Grace chimed in, “I would have bet baby in here that Kimmie wouldn’t bring a friend to this. Family events are just not things that sugar daddies attend. Are they Kimmie?” I gave her the finger.

I’ll admit I’ve fallen back into the pattern of avoiding dates. I get offers and they’re usually from ‘nice people’, but I find excuses. If that SOB Paris Ted would call I’d see him, but he hasn’t and I won’t call him. Memories of that weekend have spurred dozens of masturbation fantasies.

After I moved into the apartment I had a friend Marguerite over to give me her thoughts on decorating the apartment. Marguerite is an interior designer and I figured it would be worth a few hundred euros to get some options and a plan. When business was finished we sat about chatting over a glass of wine. As we talked my phone rang it was a fellow we both know. I told him I’d call later and as after I hung up I looked at Marguerite and said Victor ____. With a devious look Marguerite said, “Victor is a nice man…nice and boring.” And with that we both began laughing.

“Kim,” she began, “its no wonder you attract nice boring men like Victor, Men with any brio think you’re a prude!” I began laughing, “Not a prude.” “Yes,” she said laughing also. “You and your dark suits with those knee length skirts. Your fussy appearance and those glasses you are always wearing. You remind men of their Sunday school teachers! The bureaucrats who are looking for someone to marry and have babies with, that's who I see checking you out."

This is sad but true.

If Marguerite were in Atlanta or Dallas she’d be tabbed a babe. Tall, busty and vivacious usually wearing notice me clothing she is nearly a definition of sexy. In addition she has a sex life that would make Catherine Millet blush. Arching an eyebrow she leaned forward toward me, “We know that if those men only took the time to know you they would discover that you are not what you appear. Yes?” Marguerite and I have circled this ground before, she suspects that I’m a prostitute and I suspect the same of her. I leaned into her in a voice barely above a whisper and said “Brio then is not the same as insight and adventure. Simply being active does not mean they are attractive.” And with that we leaned back and exchanged Cheshire cat smiles.



Anonymous VJ said...

That's a somewhat cruel but probably not uncommon side bet at family gatherings. Still it must tell you something. 'Wasting the pretty' on strangers can only go on for so long. But you're probably right, many of those guys will be boring forever, so there's no hurry getting there either. But it's a nice scene with M. We're always certain of your good style sense, and there's reasons to err on the side of the conservative. The clothes & style will last longer for one. Cheers & Good Luck! 'VJ'

9:30 AM  
Blogger Pete from Cal said...

Your sisters are too funny but do you think they know? I just hope they didn't do it in front of other family members to embarrass you. No news from Paris Ted or just plain NYC Ted? Your time with them are fun to read. :)

Any plan to change your fashion sense after Marguerite's comment? You're probably having more fun being conservative on the outside but wild in the bedroom, n'est pas?*grin* Take care!

5:40 AM  
Blogger Kim said...

Pete: If my sisters suspected that I was escorting they'd confront me in a heartbeat.

They and Juliette assume I'm being supported, but Grace broke into that package of cookies first; shortly after arriving in NY she moved from a place with five other girls to a neat apartment in Soho, on an editorial assistant's salary. I was too young to understand what was going on but Leah let me in on the secret when I was older.

Of course my grandmother did spend the better part of a year traveling the middle east with a mysterious Italian count, so maybe she opened the cookies.

One does need thick skin to survive in my family and be willing to give it as hard as you get it. That maybe why Catherine has had the difficulty she's had in getting along.

VJ: One thing I like is stability and consistency in a prospective partner, it helps balance my flightyness. Unfortunately dullness is often a byproduct of those qualities.


9:38 PM  

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