Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Monday morning my phone started ringing at about seven-thirty, it was as if every one who wouldn’t return my call for the last two months realized they had only four weeks to holiday and needed to get their ducks in a row now for Q4. After about an hour of interuptions I decided to give up on spending time with my family and retired to the study to work.

About mid morning my grandfather slipped in and took a seat on the sofa. Between phone calls we chatted a bit, he was finding a bit of humor in my being yanked by the wireless leash. He mentioned how gracious Juliette and Dad had been opening not only their vacation house, but also their home in Paris to he and grand mom. Then he went on to say how glad he was that they and Dad have been able to repair their personal relationship. To the best my knowledge till the divorce Dad got along great with Mom’s folks, maybe even better than she did. The divorce left things very testy and while relations smoothed somewhat when Mom’s illness became evident, it was only her death that began the reconciliation.

Saturday morning everyone arrived nearly at the same time. Grace and Leah with Robert and David had been in London earlier in the week and traveled to Calais last night, a short while later the two cars containing the Paris contingent including Kenny, Catherine and the kids pulled in. I felt like a camp counselor directing everyone off to the proper spot. The farm doesn’t have accommodations for a group our size with only two bedrooms in the house and a bunkhouse attached to the barn, so Dad rented three small travel trailers so all the families could have private space. Everyone went out of their way to thank Dad for getting us our very own FEMA trailer. The kids messed up the sleeping plans deciding that they’d prefer to sleep in a trailer than in the bunkhouse.

During lunch Saturday afternoon Grace announced that she and Robert are expecting. Without missing a beat Leah turned to me and asked, “Do you think we should call child protection now, so they’ll be prepared?” To which Kenny chimed in “Yes!!” Everyone roared but the kids who were confused and Grace who just shook her head.

After dessert Leah started handing out wedding invitations for this September!! Grace and I looked at each other and she said “Leah’s not capable of planning breakfast forget about a wedding.” Actually Grace and I were going to kick off the plan Leah’s wedding project this weekend. She knew our plans even agreed that they made sense, but the whole time she was humoring us. If Grace wanted a Society event for her wedding and I would want everyone I ever met to come even if it was a pot luck in a city park, Leah has always said that she wanted her wedding to be just family with close friends held in a private home and that’s what it will be.

When everyone’s attention turned to the kids, Leah sat by me and asked me if I’d be her maid of honor. I was dumbfounded as I was sure she’d ask Grace and through the tears I told her nothing could make me happier. Grace who knew Leah’s intentions then joined us for a sisterly hug.

By noon on Monday I decided that I needed to go back to Paris as two prospects needed to meet and the only time they could get their group to together was on Tuesday. So after dinner I put my things in Waldo and started home.



Blogger Pete from Cal said...

Thanks for sharing your family's gathering with us. It's so heart warming to be with family. Too bad you had to leave early because of work. Did Cafe Kim make an appearance at all?

8:53 PM  
Anonymous VJ said...

I'd be dizzy just trying to figure out all the travel arrangements. And travel trailers are better left for the kids. I can see lots of crude practical jokes that would be played on the unsuspecting inhabitants if they were utilized for many similar family gatherings that I'm familiar with. Still, it sounded like a swell time was had by all. Cheers & Good Luck, 'VJ'

9:34 AM  

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