Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Angst is prominent it the blogs of other escorts the last couple of weeks. Mostly over how to integrate escorting into a rest of ones life, or probably more to the point how to have a life when one is an escort and concerns about clients. CCG felt the need to defend herself from readers who feel she is being negative about her clients, who were comparing her blog with other blogging whores. Apparently some of the writers mentioned Mercurial Girl and CCG noted that I’m not blatantly negative, which is true.

While I can’t speak for Olympia, Alexa or any other escort, but part of my success as a companion is in convincing my client that for the time we are together that he is the center of my universe. It's a delusion of course, and the gentleman knows it but life is full of self delusion. If I focused on the unpleasant details of the reality, including after the fact if I believe I may see him again, it would be very difficult for me to uphold my end of the delusion. Since my dates are at minimum a full evening, I have an opportunity to get to know the client; so the pudgy, bald guy who can’t keep it up may also be quite funny, brilliant and an amazing conversationalist or have knowledge of a subject I’m interested in. This changes the perspective and takes the edge off the objectionable.

Now to set the record straight what is the profile of the typical Mercurial Girl client? While some girls may see studly CEOs in their thirties...

We interrupt this blog for an important public service announcement.
Lara, if you have really described your clients as good looking CEO’s in their thirties, as rumored, could you be a dear heart and send a few of the single ones around to Mercurial Girl? I’ll be happy to fuck them and be their sweetie for nothing if I get a legitimate shot at an MRS.
Now we return to our previously scheduled blog.

My typical client is between forty-five and fifty-five and while they have all teeth, hair is often missing in action. On average they are 15-20% overweight with the French, Italian and Scandinavian clients being the trimmest and Americans being the most porcine. My youngest client was early 20’s but usually they are mid to late thirties with the oldest being in their seventies. For a perspective I’m twenty-five.

I’ve not had the misfortune of poor personal hygiene, the worst being stale cigar smoke and the garlic from lunch, so I can’t complain about that. As lovers? Well, if some of these guys were customer service operations J.D. Power would rave about them, but once and done doesn’t cut it in bed. All this being said most of the men I’ve seen are basically decent guys who are seeking some special companionship or have a bit of kink they would like to exercise. Where they are not average is wealth and income, along with the expectation that they are entitled to the luxuries of life.


A sad note. I’ve learned via an email from Marie, that Lucian, a client, has succumbed to cancer. She forwarded a link with the obituary. Last week I was thinking of him and planned to drop him a note. I always found him to be a nice man, but I know from what he told me that I might hold a minority opinion. I also learned he fibbed about his age and told me he was sixty-six when he was really seventy-one. He was a generous client but what I’ll miss about him is that he was the only client I have who planned trips to the opera and ballet as the evening activities.

Bless you Lucian and may your final days been peaceful.



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I'm a recently-acquired fan. Your writing is brilliant, funny, touching. Thanks for being here.

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