Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Monday was my day for doing business. All the meetings went fine though there are no immediate prospects. I met Marty, Rachel’s brother for lunch. I ran into him on the sidewalk on the way to the restaurant so walked together. His phone rang and the excused himself to take the call and told the caller he would call later.

“That was Mark.” He said, mentioning the name of his best friend and an ex of mine, while watching my reaction. “Oh how is he?” I replied, being polite. “He’s doing well, you know he's married?” Marty said. I nodded, “Amy tells me she’s an afghan,” using our short hand of comparing Afghan Hounds to the pretty and brainless. “Amy’s cruel, Gretchen’s very nice and committed to helping Mark in his career,” he countered. I didn’t say anything. “You know, you wouldn’t have filled that role and that’s what Mark wants and needs from his wife.”

He had a point, but it still angers me about how he dumped me. “Does he tell you that he calls me and asks to see me when he’s in Paris?” I asked. His expression told me the answer before he said anything, “Most recently in June, when Rachel was visiting.” That ended the Mark conversation and we had a very pleasant lunch.



Anonymous VJ said...

Only the best Kim, and he remembers it well. That's why he calls. He can't help himself. Cheers & Good Luck! 'VJ'

9:56 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Kim, great comeback. His friends should be a trifle more sensitive, as they are campaigning for a total ass!

2:34 PM  
Anonymous VJ said...

And Geez, BTW 'committed to helping his career' the very defintion of a First wife. So he might be out shopping too. Cheers & Good Luck! 'VJ'

5:16 AM  
Blogger danielinamerica said...

hey cool blog, go kim!! he can't help himself:)

11:00 AM  

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