Wednesday, August 02, 2006

My fee is already deposited in a bank account so when we meet there are no preamble of you slipping me an envelope and my determining if it is the agreed amount. We meet with an embrace and we engage in a long languorous kiss. You have already appraised my appearance and you approve; I can see it in your eyes. I ask if you like my dress, you had a request and you smile and nod affirmatively.

This is a new restaurant for me though not unknown. It has a reputation for mediocrity and it didn’t disappoint. I came to the conclusion that it is an establishment for those who enjoy eating but not necessarily for those who like food. The food lacked subtlety and balance with the flavors coming from the fat of the meats and the sauces. You requested a terrace table, but the evening air was cool and a bit damp and I was uncomfortable. You didn’t seem to notice except for my stiffened nipples against the fabric.

Dinner finished I wondered about your immediate plans? I knew about the sex club but it was too early for that. On the sidewalk outside the restaurant you put your arm around me and draw me tightly to your side. You’re attractive and regular visits to the gym are paying dividends. You are cocky though from your recent success but then that enables you to be with me.

Still pinned to your side we start up the street. The stiletto’s and my position make have me making less than dignified progress. A block up we turn into a doorway you press against me running your hands along my body till they lift the hem of the dress and pull apart my ass cheeks. We’re kissing deeply you’ve driven you tongue into my mouth and then suddenly you jerk me from the wall and we start down the street again. I nearly fall but you drag me along beside you.

Another half block and it’s into a bar that I didn’t know existed, definitely a man’s bar. Dark; lots of wood, leather and chrome. The women here are affectations, uniformly beautiful and expensive. Not the place to bring a wife or a girlfriend unless she is also a trophy. I take a seat along a bar; you order for us cognac and a cigar for you. I ask the bartender to steam mine slightly as I’m still chilled. You crowd against me as you puff on the cigar. I don’t care for their smell but I grin and endure. You’re talking to me but I’m paying little attention beyond nodding, smiling and occasionally affirming you. As you hold the cigar and occasionally the glass in one hand your other strokes me. I’m compliant as you do this even when you cup my breast and then pull my dress out to peak down the front.

Childish but also you were getting a little drunk. The roving hand was now sliding between my thighs. There would not be much of a hem to the dress to lift up, as your request was for one so short as to barely cover my ass on the chair. It was obvious to me and half the room what your goal was so I slightly parted my legs to grant you access. There were no panties to push aside again at your request. To avoid the disapproving looks of other women and the smirks of the men elbowing each other I shut my eyes. I faked a small arousal as I felt your finger in my cunt.

A dozen men that I can think of, if they were doing this to me the humiliation would be erotic, but there is no humiliation the fee took care of that I could only fake it and hope it ends soon. Weirdly you think it is the power of your manhood that causes my submission, or that is what your comment implied. I marvel he has forgotten the fee and has lost himself in his fantasy. I have never witnessed this so completely.

Sex clubs are boring, if you really want to be adventurous a blowjob on a dance floor or fucking her doggie style along a bar rail or atop the ever popular pool table. Sex clubs are for the mild at heart. But here we are in the disco another drink, you don’t notice I barely touch mine and then leave it so I receive another at the time of your next.

Now it is off to the couple’s space. You have reserved a locker and I slip out of my dress leaving me only my shoes as attire. Not surprising me, you stay dressed. Men are often not comfortable in their nudity and you are one of them. You sit me on the bench and pull out your cock, time for that blowjob. I dig around in the dish of condoms till I find a flavored one, mint. I stroke you lightly till you are hard; your cock is nice I’ll enjoy sucking it and being fucked by it later. The condom goes on and you stand very still in front of me your fingertips resting lightly on my shoulders you let me do my job. I’m aware of a presence someone watching us. Is it the alcohol that is making you slow to come? My jaw begins to hurt and I move to lick you balls while I rest. Finally you begin to moan and the end of the condom fills. I sip from my drink but wish I brought a water bottle. Our watchers? A couple both naked he his dick hard in his hand her with a bored look.

Trips to the bathroom refresh us both and we milling from room to room. The biggest crowd is for a foursome, a woman servicing three men. A fourth man stands in the corner his hand in his pants. I wonder if he’s her husband? Finally you have revived and you want to fuck me. We find a room, there is a large round settee, two other couples are upon it but there is free space. You lay me upon it and you atop me. You begin kissing me, my cheeks, neck then breasts working toward my cunt. You begin fingering me and flicking my clit with your tongue. The middle finger of your other had traces the rosette of my anus. This does arouse me and I felt an orgasm course through my body. If you were my lover I would have asked that you fuck me hard in the ass, that is where I wanted it, but you aren’t and I didn’t.

Kneeling at the side of settee you lowered your pants and put on a condom. You moved me over till my ass hung at the edge. You slid into me and then you held my ankles spreading me wide apart. There was no reason for me to fake anything, you were lost in your reverie, and eyes shut face slightly lifted. I looked at our image in the mirrored ceiling and that of the couple next to us, both intensely into their experience.

Later outside the club waiting for our separate cabs, our date over, you slipped me an envelope that I placed in my purse. “I’ll be back in Paris in September, can I see you?” He asked. “Of course,” I replied, but why wait till September, I can meet you somewhere else.” “But that will be the next time I’m in Europe.” He protested. Recognizing a cash cow I wasn’t to be deterred. I wrapped my arms about his neck and lifted myself on tiptoes and whispered in his ear, “I’ll visit you in Washington, in August, and we can go off for a few days. He was weakening I could feel it. He equivocated a bit and then said, “We go to our house in the Chesapeake for August but some times I come back to the city to work.” I then suggested some dates and he agreed we’d work out the details later.

I made him take the first cab and stood in the shadow near the doorman till the second was ready. I gave the driver my address and asked that he make a U-turn. I watched till I was sure we weren’t followed. I leaned back in the seat and watched the sidewalk pass by. Curious I opened my purse and then the envelope. By touch I counted the bills. Yes I thought, fulfilling this boy’s fantasy will be profitable.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you for this fabulous entry -- puts everything so nicely in perspective. Please keep up this fine blog, its great!

9:09 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wonderful writing.

Have you ever tried writing something starting in a present tense moment and then recalling the events leading up to it? This story would have lent itself well to it.

4:25 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Very eloquent, it certainly appears as if though you take pleasure in your work. You are exquisite, how I would love to have you in my employ.

5:37 AM  
Blogger el Bow said...

"eloquent", hell, it got me hard!

8:50 PM  
Anonymous alexd said...

The longer blog entries do a terrific job of showcasing your writing. You have a wonderful, positive, can-do, essentially comic vision that shines through.

12:39 AM  
Anonymous Christopher said...

Applause-Applause-Applause, absolutely wonderous! I love it not too graphic but sexy as hell.

10:52 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


- AthenaNY

5:57 PM  

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