Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Saturday night after the auto show closed, I had a late dinner with the director of marketing for a US firm that does business in Europe. They are considering outsourcing some of their European marketing and promotional activities and he was picking my brain about doing business with European agencies. In the course of our conversation I gained some insight into what they want in a partner and in their decision making process. Kim & Co does not provide a sufficiently broad menu of services so I’ll need at least one partner if not two, but I can begin looking for those partners now rather than when I’m trying to respond to an RFP.

Like many of the exhibitors who are not from Western Europe, he has been here for two weeks and can’t wait to get home. The last few days of events of this duration the staff often carrys the glazed look of the living dead. I’m certainly glad that I could split the show with my contractor and didn’t spend the entire two weeks here. I’ve spent eight days in London and I never got a chance to shop.


In early June I became reacquainted with a companion/blogger through a series of emails. In discussing our businesses I mentioned that I had one sugar daddy relationship, Charles and a couple of steady clients, Gavin and Jacques and a dozen or so irregulars who I might see once or twice a year. After I sent that message I began thinking about the irregulars and realized that only a few of them have been seen in the last six months making the others more likely gone than irregular.

When I left Marie my desire was to see two to four gentlemen a month until such time that I was ready to quit or no one called me and I've done that. I’ve always been good at getting the contact information of the men I’ve seen and I acquired a list from Marie when she closed. My plan was to use these contacts to keep in touch and thereby avoid the need to advertise. Well I didn’t do it. I’ve been having my two to four dates and with the demands of Kim & Co I didn’t want to spend the time marketing the whore.

I enjoy being a whore, not to mention the money and now that I’m only seeing a few men a month that part of my life is in balance and now I've decided that I would like to continue as an escort for two years and then quit (or not). But it seems I’m likely to run out of clients long before that. Gavin has decided to move on and Jacques occasionally disappears for months if he finds a love interest. So I began to think about building a web site and advertising.

I contacted several escort directories and all I can say is YECH, so I shelved the idea of advertising and a web site and returned to my idea of using email and my list. For Kim & Co I send a monthly newsletter tailored for specific vertical markets. For the content I subscribe to a clippings service that sends summaries with links and I simply cut and paste them into a template and add a few of my own comments. So I decided to create one for the whore based around boy’s toys. I contacted my list and a surprising number opted in and then I decided to revisit the idea of a web site.

Currently I have a couple of pages of pictures accessible via a password, mostly for potential clients who have referred and would like to judge my appearance. One of my hopes for the newsletter is that it will be forwarded along and I’ll get referrals, but the present site is weak. So I took the plunge and decided to build a web site, then contacted my photographer and did a new series of pictures. I’ll admit that I was very self-indulgent and the site is turning out to be too expensive but it has allowed me to play with some ideas.

The contact is already paying off as I had a date Thursday in London with a gentleman I haven’t seen in nearly two years.



Anonymous VJ said...

No one ever sneezes at ready cash, and it does sound like a reasonable marketing plan. I suspect that you may again run dry of clients before 2 years, and yes, marketing is typically something that needs to be done on an ongoing basis. I like the approach and had the same reaction to many of the directories. This way it seems personal & a bit more intimate. BTW: See boingboing.net and their links for more interesting toys. Cheers & Good Luck! 'VJ'

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