Wednesday, August 23, 2006

The vitality of the town where Christine lives, peaked prior to the Great Depression, and then began a slow descent into irrelevance that bottomed in the Fifties. Since then it has bumped along and resisted efforts by government and business boosters to revive it. In recent years the growth of the university in a neighboring community and hipsters attracted by the cheap rents and tattered but still attractive Victorian architecture have led to a mini revival on a couple of streets.

C’s isn’t one of them, in fact they are the only residents on the block, the remaining buildings abandoned or used for storage and manufacturing. She and her roommate share a decent size storefront, using the front portion as a work and display space and the rear as their living space. The building is three stories and the roof has a deck of sorts, really a platform that was built to serve the abandoned pigeon coop. But the deck has become a hangout for the artists, craftsmen, musicians and adventurous students who have claimed this downtown. It’s easy to see why as the deck faces west and offers a view over the one story block building across the street, to the river and the farms and small communities on the far side.

Tuesday evening we sat up there watching the sunset, as dusk fell I noticed and commented on the streetwalker who slowly strolled up a side street and then turned at the corner moving away from us on the sidewalk. C who told me her name was Susan and that she was one of two women who worked these blocks. “I’m surprised you’re still doing that,” C commented, a hint of disapproval in her voice. “I thought you’d only last six months.

We’ve been over this ground many times and we went over it again. In away that is how our relationship has evolved. She listened to my response, which ended with a question, “didn’t you enjoy being a stripper?” To which she replies that she loved being a stripper and at times misses it, but there came a time to quit.


Kim rides a Sybian. Except pictures and internet videos, I had never seen one before, but there it was in the middle of the living room floor. We were at a friend of C’s for a girls play night and the Sybian was a surprise. I’ve wondered about them, were they as good as the vids seemed to indicate and now I’d find out. I expected to be disappointed but it was decent, though not as good as a vibrator in skilled hands.


When you lead two lives sometimes they intersect and mine did in Monterey. I was aimlessly browsing as Jacques was engaged in an animated discussion regarding the finer points of some obscure French car, when I heard someone call my name. I looked around and it was the director of marketing for the company that I’ve been working the European auto shows for. It made sense that they were in Monterey, but I wasn’t expecting to see them. I should have looked at the program better as they were listed as being on site. Jacques maintained a discreet distance while I was introduced to others who work for the company and whom I’ve heard of and had exchanged messages with.


It is nice to be back in Paris and in my own bed, but it will not last long. Saturday I leave for southern Portugal and a week with a gentleman. He has secured a house in a small coastal town that is off the usual tourist path, and a boat for sailing. I’ve seen him before, but not for over a year and then only for two, evening long dates.



Blogger Rocky Raccoon said...

Never a dull moment is there...?

6:39 PM  
Blogger Pete from Cal said...

Do you use the same name when you represent Kim&Co versus when you're someone's companion? I'm worried that you might've been introduced to someone who knew Jacques under one name and a different name when they met you working at the autoshow. *shrug* If that happens, would that be really bad?

4:13 AM  
Blogger Kim said...

Pete. Several of my regular clients know me by my real name. For Jacques it was his requirement that he know my identity in order to avoid the situation you described.


3:15 PM  

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