Tuesday, September 19, 2006

After my post on the subject of addiction and Tui’s comment, we engaged in an exchange of messages. Along the way we decided that we wanted to add each other’s blog to our sidebar. Her messages reinforced what I’ve gleaned from her blog and I’m pleased that she wanted to exchange links.

A shiny new blogger who’s learning her chops is Desert Diamond. Swing by the mirage and check her out.

“You’ve alighted upon a secret society—a digital version of those louche demimondes which historically have formed a parallel universe beside mainstream, polite society. It's a place where the most dashing gentlemen can find the most exclusive companions…” And so begins the introduction to Demimonde, the web home of a companion cooperative.

Typically I remove blogs from my sidebar if they have not been updated with in six months or if they disappear. Usually this happens without ceremony when I update my sidebar, but the disappearance of Postmodern Courtesan, for me deserves a note. Olympia was the first blogger with whom I exchanged links, sort of my emergence from stealth mode. All of a sudden I had readers and people commented on my posts and mentioned Easykimmie in their blogs. For a while we had the occasional exchange of emails, but that tapered off till I my only contact was through the blog.

Good fortune Olympia.

And I’ve discovered another favorite is gone Garrison Steele. Best to you in your endeavors G.

Post of the month or at least the best line I’ve read in a while. By Jane at FallenGirlFalling “Is anyone really an ex? Men just come and go, talking of fellatio.”

Thanks Chelsea Girl

I haven’t mentioned Miss Izzy in a while and she’s in rare form in this post and getting along quite nicely I see.

La Femme posted the link to this survey. Note that of the 100 models surveyed, only four are older than twenty-four. Oh and darlings, those aren’t dirty old men, they’re meal tickets.

An interesting post by Gillette.

Madrid and fat models, or at least that is how I heard one design house representative refer to Madrid’s insistence that runway models for the shows there have a body fat index of at least 18, which is considered normal. The runway is weird; the houses only want a warm, animated dress hanger to move the clothes down the stage. They don’t want models that will divert attention from the clothes, and that I believe explains the use of awkward looking girls with zombie stares.

I lifted this link with the remaining pictures of an Italian Vogue shoot from Raymi.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I also noticed the disappearance of Postmodern Courtesan- Olympia was one of my favorites and I really enjoyed her writing and insights. Any notion what happened to her? Oh, and love the blog by the way- I've been lurking for ages.

12:07 AM  
Anonymous VJ said...

Yeah, I saw Olympia's light go out awhile back, she said she was having some problem/issues with her hosting right before the entire site went dark, so that's something to think about too. Ditto for Garrison. I feel a bit less hopeful on that end, as his business as far as he presented it was fairly 'above ground'. I too hope they're off enjoying some new adventures and not beset by troubles. Me, I can't stand the thin models. I've not been able to be fixated on a decent face in I don't know how long. We need more human looking people to try and sell us fashion. Is that too much to ask? Cheers & Good Luck, 'VJ'

7:23 AM  
Blogger desert diamond said...

Oh my.. I've been bloglisted! :-D
You've already got me pegged though with the shiny. *sigh* It's awful. I'm like a crow.
Thanks for the mention, MG!

8:15 AM  
Anonymous VJ said...

One more site for the geezers, found via Boin Boing: Some seriously fun stuff there:
[http://hooptyrides.blogspot.com/]. Cheers, 'VJ'

8:42 AM  
Anonymous VJ said...

Visited Gillette at your recommendation, and she's a marvelous find. Quite a gem! Cheers, 'VJ'

5:58 AM  
Blogger Kim said...

Regarding Olympia, I have no information. I've emailed her, but have not heard back.


12:41 PM  

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