Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Leaning forward I adjust the camera and then stepp back to examine my image in the monitor. The lighting was wrong. As I look around to see what I can do to improve it I heard Raymond chortling in the background, his image displayed in another window. “Shush,” I tell him. “You were the AV geek in high school not me.”

It was a little after midnight in Paris and I am wearing a lycra mini with a skinny strapped top. In Indianapolis it would be around 5PM and Raymond is wearing sweats having worked from home today. Finally I decide that this was about as good as it was going to get so I cued up a music file and began to dance. Sexily I walk closer to the camera till my pelvis fills the frame and then turn, bend over and pull up the hem of the skirt and shake my tush at him.

When I look at his image in the window his hand now covers his crotch and I could see his fingers closing rhythmically around his penis. As I pull the skirt down over my hips and wiggled out of it his hand disappears into the sweat pants. By the time I'm naked he’s pulled his cock out and strokes it slowly. After I pull the table so that it is situated in front of the camera, I reach for the dildo. Dildos have different shapes for different uses, some are easy to hold and work well when you are laying on your back or on all fours. This one with its flat bottom formed by the thick phallus and ersatz balls was best when simulating female superior sex.

But first fellatio, I go behind the table and place the tool atop it and then begin licking and sucking on it. Watching Raymond I notice that he is stiffer. After a few minutes of this I crawl atop the table and lower myself on dildo. Raymond’s stroking falls into rhythm with my bounce and we kept going till I noticed the semen flowing down the sides of his cock and around his fist. At this I moan, groan Raaaaaaymond, turning his name into at least seven syllables.

Then the lights blinked off and Raymond’s image froze. While the modem reconnected I pushed the table back and found my robe and then settled down in front of the computer. The phone rang and we said our goodbyes, me to bed and he to wrap up his work. In a little over a week we’ll be together and our sex won’t be virtual.



Anonymous VJ said...

Well now, this has been coming along nicely I hear... Cheers & Good Luck! 'VJ'

12:21 PM  
Blogger Pete from Cal said...

Ah, how the modern technology helps us all connect. :) Any chance you'll be accepting paid subscribers for the next telecast? *grin* Glad to see you and R are doing well and keeping the romance alive. :)

7:43 PM  

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