Sunday, September 24, 2006

Six AM Saturday found me with Anne Marie, Chloe and Nathalie at Gare de Lyon in order to take the train to Marseille for a visit with Carole. Tomas met us at the station and brought us to their house and stayed long enough for baby Agnes could say hello to her Paris aunties. Then he packed her up for she was spending the night with her grandmother while Tomas went fishing with his father.

It was so good to see Carole and the other three for that matter, as none of us had been together as a group since Carole and Tomas’ going away party. Carole has the pregnant Madonna look down and as she points out the pregnancy has its benefits until you no longer can see your feet. None of us could dispute her.


Thursday begins over two weeks of hell, with press day for the auto show. Everything I can control is done and ready to go. Of course the operant word is control. I expect to be putting in a lot of hours attending to final details. I feel good about how things will go. I’ve brought on a contractor and with Mimi the hours spent at the show will be manageable.

I’ve been told that the decision on who to contract with for the services we provided this year will be made during the show, since the marketing team is here. It’s not just the client’s management that is involved but also the ad agency that initially brought Kim & Co in to fill the void for the sub contractor that was fired.

I know that both the agency and client like our work. Except for Geneva, where we simply executed the existing plan, we’ve been very involved in the preparation and adjustments. So I’m comfortable that the range of our abilities are known, but I know that there is a concern that we are too small and that they could be left in a lurch if something happened. Which is why in London and here, I’ve added a contractor and Mimi will also be very visible. If we get this contract I’ll either need to hire another project manager after the new year or bring a contractor on fulltime for the length of the agreement.

I want that problem.



Blogger Pete from Cal said...

Good luck on the growing pain of a small, international business. Kim&Co provides great value and I'm sure your clients will see it too. Let us know when the client awards Kim&Co with the contract. :) Don't stress yourself at the autoshow.

9:10 PM  

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