Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Sorry for being negligent and not posting or returning email, but being with a client can be all consuming even when the circumstances and the man are pleasant as this trip proved to be. I’ve come to realize that with Kim & Co it is likely that I can have few clients who would like my company on extended vacations. It only worked this time because it was August and no one expects you to be available in August.

Several interesting new blogs have come to Mercurial Girl’s attention over the last few weeks.

Among blogs of soiled doves, I have a distinct preference for those written anonymously. The blogs of companions that are part of or linked to the escorts professional site exist for the purpose of advertising and the hope that unsuitable clients will decide that on their own saving the companion from the bother of rejecting them. Mostly these linked sites end up being bad travel and restaurant advisories and in my opinion often reflect poorly on the women who are writing them. There are exceptions; Kathleen’s, Life on Canvass is nearly impressionistic in describing the places she has visited

Camille of Boston is different, I’ve read selected posts from her archives and she seems to have struck a nice balance between providing opinion, insight and self-promotion. Part of it comes from the subjects she chooses to comment on and the manner in which she proceeds. This post on ‘Claiming’ I found intriguing and it brought back some bittersweet memories.

What can I say about Belle in the Big Apple? We have so much in common. I move from a small town in the mid west to Paris, She moved from Alabama to NYC. We’ve both been overwhelmed at times by our move after all in both places its tough to find a decent date (though she’s doing better than me). We both are living somewhere that the natives speak a different language. I like to cook her boyfriend is a chef. She’s an admitted dinner whore, I’m, well, a whore.

A couple of weeks ago I linked to an entry on Grace Undressed, now I’ll add her to my sidebar. She’s a Texan, if Austin is still considered Texas, a writer and a stripper.

Never say never.

The Naked Truth GO Photos is a photo record of the backstage lives of exotic dancers.

When I was fifteen if you told me that my dad would suggest the coolest ‘radio’ station to me I would have rolled my eyes and dismissed you as someone with a tenuous hold on reality. But he has, Wolfgang’s Vault. It is of his generation but its difficult to resist the urge to dim the lights and fire up when I listen.

The dilemma and the choice of the Call Girl Next Door are familiar. It makes me so angry and frustrated that we need to make these choices but I also know the reality.

A couple of weeks ago A Feenix Call Girls blog disappeared. Disappointing, but not surprising given the content if her anonymity had been compromised. While at Christine’s I was browsing through the local newspaper and noticed a small item buried at the bottom of a page. It was a wire story about the arrest of the operators of California based prostitution ring.

A quick search came up with more information. Operating under the name of Elite Entertainment the people charged ran an escort operation over four states, employing more than 250 girls, one of the states being Arizona. Which got me thinking about Feenix, as I recall she worked for a local manager and she was under the impression that the agency belonged to the manager. Its not surprising that she wouldn’t be aware of other connections, I will always wonder if Marie was truly an independent operator or simply the local pimp. But the timing is curious, the arrests near the time that the blog disappeared. Let’s hope the police and prosecutors felt Feenix was too small a fish to fry.

Where are they now, what are they up to, and are they all right?

Iowa, and Garrison Steele please check in.


Blogger desert diamond said...

The bust of Elite was big news here when it happened which is just ridiculous.
It seems that the definition of "huge criminal enterprise" in Riverside County translates roughly to: "made a crapload of money on which no taxes were paid."
I especially like how several escorts were arrested, but no johns (welcome to Palm Springs!). And how the whole shebang got this pseudo-military name: "Operation Desert Eagle."
Oh, please.

8:38 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Kim, I'm catching up after being away from the net for a while. Any idea what's happened to Olympia aka Postmodern Courtesan?

DTG xxoo

5:15 PM  
Blogger Kim said...

DTG, I don't know what happend to Olympia. I tried her blog yesterday and got the 'unavailable' screen and did again today.

Glad to see Pussy Talk is back. I've misse you.


5:47 PM  
Blogger An international escort's luxury travel blog. said...

Hi Kim,
Thanks for your kind words.
In fact I have been blogging for almost two years and my blog was not linked to my ladyglyde website for at least twelve months...

Lovely article, drop ny sometime;-)

1:32 PM  

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