Saturday, September 16, 2006

Why won’t someone answer that phone, I thought groggily as I was rousted from a nice nap. Then I realized it was the phone in my room, I reached over and picked it up. “Hello,” I muttered in the voice of the recently disturbed. “Ms. Kim? This is Gerald the concierge, I’m sorry to disturb you we, have something for you at the concierge desk and you need to come for it right away. I began to argue with him, “have the bellman bring it up.” “You mean I’m paying $375 dollars a night before taxes and you don’t have anyone available?” Now I’m pissed and tell him I’ll be down but I want to speak to the manager when I get there and then slam the phone down.

I looked at the clock it was about 6 PM. “Fuck,” I thought, “I wanted to sleep for another hour. I’d been napping in my jeans and a sweater, so put on a pair of loafers and left the room. During the trip down my temper cooled but it began to flair again as I walked toward the concierge desk. Gerald is an African-American, a large man with a broad, easy smile. As I crossed the lobby I thought, “I’m going to wipe that smile of your face.”

Just as I was about to say something a man turned around. It was Raymond, I let out a squeal, I had been set up. It was Wednesday and he wasn’t scheduled to join me till Friday. We went to the room for a bit of ‘I’m so glad to see you’ and then talked till it was time to get ready and meet my family for a late dinner. As I helped him unpack his things I decided that one place Raymond needed an upgrade was his wardrobe, the suit he brought I believe his mother went with him to purchase when we were in school or maybe it is the interview suit, the sport jacket wasn’t much better. He as much admitted it with the comment, “I really don’t have much to wear.”

As we headed to the restaurant I could tell Raymond was a bit uptight about being reacquainted with my family. Yes he knew them, both Grace and Leah had baby-sat he and his siblings and he knew Dad from the neighborhood, but that was a long time ago and he was still the stranger. Perhaps it was the nervousness and maybe he had a just enough to drink that he was impulsive, but a one point Raymond looked at Dad and said, “If you would have told me when we were in school that Kim would be my girl I wouldn’t have believed you. “My Girl” I let those words float in my mind. I liked the sound of that; I wondered could it really be that the boy who sat behind me in kindergarten (and pulled on my braids) would end up being the man I’d spend my life with? Later as I sat on the toilet I thought of an alternate interpretation of his comment; Kim was so twisted and screwed up I couldn’t imagine wanting to be with her. I’ll keep the positive spin.

Around three I got up to check and respond to email and my conference call woke Raymond around six. I’m not sure if he didn’t want to leave me alone or what, but his hanging around got on my nerves. I texted Grace and asked her if she could have Robert collect him and do some guy things. A few minutes later the phone rang, it was Robert for Raymond and off they went.

Grace emailed me to say that she suggested to Robert that he take Raymond shopping as we had discussed his sartorial deficiencies the prior evening. I hadn’t decided how to finesse the clothing issue with R, but I believe he would be open to Robert’s suggestion as he made a comment to me on how much he liked the suit Robert wore to dinner.

He returned when I was sleeping and when I awoke I found him reading, a new suit, a jacket, a couple of pairs of pants, several shirts and a couple of pairs of shoes plus other accessories arrayed on the couch. He asked what I thought and I enthusiastically told him I approved. Then he commented that he spent the money that he’d been saving to buy a fifty-inch TV. Knowing that this sacrifice needed acknowledgement I plopped my self in his lap and told him that I couldn’t wait to see him wearing the clothes and that I couldn’t wait to take them off him.



Anonymous VJ said...

Awww... How did I know that the concierge was hiding something. It's like a movie plot, but I'm glad it was a pleasant surprise this time. I was wondering about the cost of the new 'dressage' for the boy, but that was explained nicely. I was adding it all up, and coming up with big cash. The boy is seriously into you to be giving up his big screen TV. And yes, it's seriously cute that you've know him since forever too. I hope there's more pleasant developments coming yet. Cheers & Good Luck! 'VJ'

9:52 AM  
Blogger Pete from Cal said...

A nice post and your readers approved too. :D I like the pleasant surprise Gerald gave you. Luckily, Raymond revealed himself before you gave Gerald a piece of your mind or "wipe that smile of your face!" :)

Also, how funny that you travelled the world and you might just end up with someone from the old neighborhood whom you knew since you were a toddler. I definitely would love such a happy ending for our heroine. Very nice of you to reward R for spending his TV money so he can look pretty for you. Hehe..

11:35 PM  

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