Monday, October 02, 2006

For Christmas, Jacques gave me a small Leica camera. It resides in my briefcase, allowing me to capture moments and the places that I’ve been. As a break from the booth, I’ve wandered the exhibit floor taking pictures of the displays and interesting little scenes. Near the Fisker display, I spotted Jacques and his best friend studying and discussing one of the cars. They were quite animated. I walked to the far side of the car and found a spot where I had a good angle and captured the two of them.

Later they came by the booth and greeted me. I took the opportunity to show them the pictures and that got them laughing. Jacques inquired about our products and had me go through the complete presentation for them.

I’m beat. My feet are sore and my legs tired from standing. In the morning I have a massage scheduled. I need it and this goes on for another two weeks.

Official pictures of the auto show can be found here and at what seems to be dozens of blogs. If the number of men I've talked to who claim to be automotive bloggers aren't just trying to put one over on a girl.



Anonymous VJ said...

Yep, it's hard work looking pretty and having a speaking part! Cheers & work it Kim! VJ

11:29 PM  
Anonymous Travis said...

These are better

3:17 PM  
Anonymous Travis said...

trying again, link in 3 sections

3:39 PM  
Anonymous VJ said...

I got nothing from the links Travis. Lots & LOTS of ads though. Good thing they're using this 'new' technology to their greatest extent and have their best foot forward with all their new product line, that I can't see. I mean afterall, all those deebs NEVER buy or even Look for cars on the Net, so why bother with making your reporting site all that functional? If a job's Not worth doing, it's not worth doing well. Or much at all.

So I still can't get to much content (any??) on that site Travis, and I'm betting Kim could do a better job trying to get these clueless giants more & better exposure. Cheers, 'VJ'

9:18 AM  

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