Thursday, October 19, 2006

He wasn’t at the bar when I arrived, which was a surprise as he always arrives before me. We get together nearly once a month when he is in Paris. Like most of the others he’s married and has children, of whom he is quite proud. A former client introduced us at a ball last winter, where I also met his wife. Not long after that he called me having received my information from the former client.

They keep a small apartment in Paris but live in the country a couple of hours to the west. He uses the apartment when in the city on business and she as a base for shopping and seeing their city friends. Last evening we were to have dinner and then return to the apartment as usual.

Since he wasn’t there I took an open seat at the bar and ordered a vodka tonic. I became aware of a man watching me, not creepily, but to determine if I would be alone. He sat on the bar return to my left. I stole a glance at him and he caught me but the mirror provided the best spot to observe him. He was fortyish, attractive, well dressed and sported a serious watch. Too bad I thought I’m busy.

My phone rang; it was my client calling to apologize. His wife had called him; their son fallen hard on his skateboard and he likely had broken his arm. They were at the hospital waiting for the results of the x-ray. He needed to cancel and hoped I’d understand. I did.

While putting my phone away, I glanced toward the man and saw that the stool was empty. I began considering alternate plans for the evening when I felt activity to my right. I looked over to find the gentleman from the left, sliding on to a recently vacated chair to my right. I couldn’t stifle a small smile, which he saw and used as an opening to start a conversation. He addressed me in French, but from his accent I knew he was Irish. I asked if he was from Dublin, Belfast was his reply. It didn’t take him long to figure out that I was an American and he weaved that into the conversation.

When our glasses emptied, he asked if I would join him for dinner. I agreed, as he was an entertaining conversationalist. When dinner was over I awaited the proposition, which came right after the cognac was served.


Over the next couple of months I’ll be traveling a lot, Kim & Co business. Some of the projects are ones that I’m managing and others are Mimi’s. She has small children so travel is difficult, even when her ex is helping out. Looking at my schedule I’m gone at least on night each week and that’s enough.



Anonymous VJ said...

Why that almost sounds romatic for an Irishman! We hope the rest of the eve went just as well. Cheers & Good Luck with the Biz & travel, 'VJ'

3:44 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are such a tease - in the absolutely nicest sense of that word. This piece like so many of your entries has me visiting your site several times a day hoping for another gem. But now I must wait. Keep up the excellent writing please!

12:38 PM  
Blogger Pete from Cal said...

One gentleman fell through but another came along. Was his proposition of the 'men asking women home after dinner' nature or 'business nature?' Any chance of you seeing him again or turning him into a client? *shrug*

9:23 PM  
Blogger Kim said...

He was interesting and devilish but came with a good helping of blarney. For me an interesting dinner companion but I demurred on his offer. He has my business card and may call. We’ll see.


7:52 PM  

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