Monday, October 09, 2006

This year, for the first time in a couple, I’m not working at the fashion shows. It wasn’t to be this way, but Kim & Co was collateral damage when a client’s client decided to make changes. We’ll be back as I already have work lined up for the couture shows in January and the ready-to-wear shows in February. So this season a fashion show can provide a nice break from the auto show.

Passes to a couple of openings were obtained, and Anne Marie and I planned to make an evening out of it. AM like most French women is blessed with the style gene (I wonder how close the human genome project is to isolating it?), but really isn’t interested in fashion. So she’s looking forward to the spectacle and celebrity spotting.

Me, I’m interested in the presentation and how the clothes are received as much as the clothes themselves. I also harbor the conceit that fashions shows as a marketing tool have outlived their usefulness, but no one has proposed a better idea. Since I didn’t conceive of ‘Facebook’, maybe I can become famous and wealthy as the woman who revolutionized how Fashion is marketed. I just need to figure out how.

Speaking of Facebook, my advice to the guys who own Facebook. Take the money, if Yahoo or someone else is offering you a billion as reported, take the money.

From our seats in the ‘bleachers’ we had a good view of the entry and I think I’m bruised from every time AM elbowed me or grabbed me to point out a famous face. I watched for Anna Wintour and Isabella Blow to come in. I wondered if Wintour would take off her sunglasses, as I’m curious to know if she has eyes and I wanted to see what type of hat Isabella was wearing. The show started and AM leaned over and asked, “Why do the models walk so funny?”

At the end we filed out and shuffled off to the next venue, as we did I looked around to see if the Facehunter or Satorialist were plying their trades. I’m vain enough to want my picture in their blogs, or one of Bill Cunningham’s montages, so as to validate that I have style.

As we entered the next venue and we ran into a publicist I know. After a round of air kissing and introductions he started talking about a party he was promoting, going on and on about who was coming. The cynic that I am I figured if one of those bold face names came he’d be lucky and when he said “Now you two are coming aren’t you?” and I saw AM’s face I knew I wasn’t going to have an early evening.

“Sure,” I replied, “you do have invitations for us?” We went around for a bit. Of course he had a couple, but he preferred to save them for others. I’ve gone to parties at the behest of an insider and have been left shivering in my peep toes while some moron decides if I’m pretty enough or important enough (as if it wasn't obvious) to be let in, but not tonight. I know Mathew and he’s a good guy. If it had been earlier in the week I’d have shown up since he’s conscientious and would have remembered to add me to the list. But it was too late for that and he knew it, so we got the invitations.



Anonymous VJ said...

I don't think they'll ever replace the 'human' element in fashion, it just works better seeing the styles on someone and someone moving, even if unnaturally. Still thinking about your prior post, I'm gratified to realize once again that in my little podunk southern Ga. town of some 25-30K, I regularly run into plenty of truly beautiful gals shopping for groceries from time to time. There's beauty everywhere we look, but this needs to be 'cultivated' for the fashion industry 'needs' or trends etc. It's the way they turn them into living manikins afterwards in desperate need of a human attitude transplant that's objectionable. But something like a 'facebook' would work too, but not for the fashionistas. By the way the high fashion down this way would come from here: or Cheers & Good Luck! 'VJ'

8:09 AM  
Anonymous VJ said...

Geez, that should have been a southern, Ga. town. It's a bit north of Atlanta. South Ga. is getting scary to my min btw! Cheers, 'VJ'

8:10 AM  
Anonymous VJ said...

Done & Done. The Vid Facebook. In NYC of course. Naturally from a guy.


Cheers, 'VJ'

11:57 AM  

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