Friday, November 10, 2006

After the bellman placed my bags in the room I walked to the widow and gazed at the view of the river sparkling in the afternoon sun. When traveling on personal or Kim & Co business I normally stay in business class hotels. But I’m mixing my careers on this trip so a suite in one of the nicer hotels in this city was in order.

My first client would be here soon so I needed to get ready. I’ve seen this gentleman several times in Paris, but this was the first time in his home city. As it worked out he could only see me in the late afternoon and that left an opportunity for my second client to see me later.

When I began escorting I hated seeing more than one client a day; I found it emotionally draining. But this feels like a risqué adventure, that I’m being naughty. My preparations were ready with time to spare so I sat upon the arm of the couch by the window in order to watch the river.

Just after four I heard the knock on my door. It was my client with a package under his arm. I offered him a drink from my stash of mini bottles and he smiled and asked for a Bloody Mary. “Sorry,” I told him, “scotch, bourbon or vodka with water or ice.” He chose the scotch and I had water. We sat on the couch and chatted for a few minutes and then he presented the package to me. It was the size of shirt box and nicely wrapped.

The etiquette of this business insists on a certain pattern of behavior when a client offers a gift. The etiquette is not much different from that in normal life. So I acted surprised and told him he shouldn’t have. He protested it was nothing and that is was something he wanted to do. It was a chemise, and quite nice, so my cooing over it was authentic. “Should I put it on?” I asked. He nodded. Like I said, a script that happens every day. After changing I came out and modeled it for him, which he appreciated and then straddled his lap and gave him a kiss. Soon the chemise was off.

As the end of our time drew near, dare I say, at our climax, I was on my knees upon the couch, my arms supporting me on the couch back, my ass hanging over the edge. I looked out again at the river reflecting now the cities lights. Beethoven was playing on the radio punctuated with my gasps and moans, his grunts and the sound of his thighs slapping against my ass. He came with a sigh and we cuddled on the couch for a few minutes. After checking his watch he asked if he could take a shower as he was meeting his fiancé for dinner. Fiancé? I thought, news to me. I wondered about the prospects for that marriage.

When he left I had about two hours before the next client arrived so I straightened up and removed any evidence of a previous visitor and the showered myself. A little after nine the next client arrived. He is a fetishist and so I greeted him in black, silk pajamas and bare feet. He smiled broadly when he saw me. I offered him a drink and then we sat and talked for a bit, as I had not seen him for several months. When he finished his drink he asked me if he could get undressed. I gave him my permission.

After undressing he sat at my feet and looked at them as child looks at cookies on a plate. After a few seconds he lifted his head and asked, “Please, May I.” I nodded and he lifted both my feet and held them to his face and then began kissing them and sucking my toes. After a few minutes I noticed that with one hand he was stroking himself. My own mask almost slipped as I thought how pathetic he was, a pudgy, bald, fifty something man who is the director of one the largest banks, rooting around some whore’s feet. I caught myself though and put those thoughts out of my mind.

When he finally had a consistent erection he laid across the floor in front of me and I gave him a foot job. He looked up at the ceiling in a quietly his breath quickening as he ejaculated. I brought him a towel to clean the mess and cleaned my feet also. As always he acted chastened and ashamed and I began talking with him in a manner that conferred that I didn’t think he was weird.

He left around midnight and by then was back to his chipper self. When he was gone I looked around and was quite pleased that I had served two clients and still had a fresh bed to sleep in.



Blogger Pete from Cal said...

What a nice way to kill two birds with one stone. What river/city were you looking out at from your room? It is interesting that you had two clients and you didn't use the bed. :)

Did you ever meet up with Sabine on Halloween weekend for the group party? You didn't post anything on it so I was wondering if it happened. Have a good weekend.

12:22 AM  
Anonymous VJ said...

Fetish: Almost anything he's not able to get at home, or is too embarassed to ask for by name. Hope your trip back to the 'States goes well. Don't forget our wars on moistrue when packing either! Cheers & Good Luck! 'VJ'

11:34 AM  

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