Monday, November 06, 2006

In college you would never have guessed that my apartment was a student’s home. When I’d complete my studies for the day everything was put away. When I began to freelance here in Paris, it was the same you could hardly presume that my apartment was that of a home worker. And so it continued when Kim & Co started.

Mimi and I meet weekly to coordinate activities and to critique the each other’s projects. Since she has also begun supervising contractors she keeps me abreast of their work. Usually we meet at a café, but Friday we met at my apartment. When she walked in she looked around and said, “You mean you can live here?” I know what she meant; the living room has been overrun by K&Co. A project calendar is hung in place of shade, the furniture has been pushed to the center of the room and a trade show booth occupies one wall. Then there are the boxes. Since some of our clients are out of town, boxes of literature and handouts (aka, trinkets and trash) are sent to me and after the show they get hauled back here for storage.

The boxes did find a purpose when Café Kim opened for brunch Sunday and a dozen or so friends and acquaintances stopped by. They all had someplace to sit.

“Your place is worse than mine,” she continued, “at least I’ve got my mess contained to the bedroom.” “We need to get an office, don’t we?” I offered. She nodded. “Will you use it, if we get one?” I asked, since I knew that working at home was something that Mimi preferred. She nodded and said, “I’m tired of the clutter, and I’d like my apartment back.” I’ve been avoiding getting space, as I’d prefer to use the money for other purposes, but its time.

We began talking about our requirements, a conference room, and workspace for at least three, since we have a contractor starting full time in December. Better would be having space for at least six so contractors could use it and it would be available for future expansion. A place near the Metro, and cheap, nearby parking would be nice, though that might mean an office park somewhere.


Googling around. Periodically I will Google, Mercurial Girl to see what pops up. After sorting out the links for other references using the search terms, most often what returns are my own posts, but occasionally there are links of interest. I’ll often find other bloggers who have added Mercurial Girl to their links list or references to my posts. A review of commentary by Americans living in France quoted me on last year’s riots and there is a mirror Blogger site that translates blogs into various languages, but the translations are brutal. A few weeks ago I received an email from a reader who told me she discovered the blog when she googled the terms marketing and Paris. Random googling can be cheap entertainment and a time waster.


A couple of links I’ve been meaning to add, After Hours and Blond Bohemian. Also by Amanda at After Hours is The Internet Escorts Handbook.



Anonymous VJ said...

Yep, it's about time for a small office! Cheers & Good Luck, 'VJ'

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