Thursday, November 02, 2006

Maybe it was because it was near Halloween, but last evening brought two interesting (odd) propositions. Sabine, another of Marie’s girls emailed to ask if I would be interested in joining her and another girl on a weekend party, with one of her clients and two of her friends. A few IMs were exchanged to work out the details and I agreed to join her, subject to a review of the gentlemen, as I am trying to be careful about Parisian men I see.

The second was a phone call from a semi regular client, a younger guy. He seemed nervous during the conversation, which I thought was unusual and when the reason for his call was revealed I understood. He asked if I’d consider being the guest of honor at a gangbang with four, maybe five men, for the appropriate remuneration. I resisted the opposing urges to tell him hell no and hang up or say yes and by the way we better do it tonight before I change my mind. We talked for a few minutes and I asked a bunch of questions and I told him I needed to think about and that I’d be in touch. I think he was relieved I hadn’t given an answer.

After we hung up I sat there for a few minutes and then made dinner. While eating I began searching for gangbang porn, especially ‘first timers.’ As I looked at the videos I watched the women’s faces to see if I could determine their feelings. Then I looked at blogs and stories by women about participating in gangbangs. After a couple of hours I got up and poured myself a finger of cognac, often when I’m trying to make a decision I imagine the scenario.

The evening would start with dinner at a nice restaurant; I’m wearing your basic little black dress, stockings and heels. The gentlemen are in suits and are quite polite. We toast the evening with champagne enjoy our dinner and retire to a suite. There is much bantering and joking as we settle in. Another bottle of champagne is opened for a toast, then the room gets quiet and I know that it is my turn.

I step up on to the coffee table and glance about nervously; no one makes eye contact. Then a pair of hand begins to unzip my dress and another slips it off, next my bra and then my panties. Five pairs of hand begin to caress me, one finger, and then another finds my cunt. A finger probes at my ass and then pushes in. I’m panicking, my mind screams the safe word but nothing comes out of my mouth. I feel myself being picked up and carried to another room and placed on a bed.

The penis of a man still dressed is in my face, he doesn’t force me and lets me suck him at my own pace, another man is holding my legs apart while he buries his face in my pussy. I can see the other men getting undressed and like a tag team trade places with my violators. The men work me in rotation from cunt to mouth till a man lies besides me and I’m placed atop him and he enters my pussy while a second slides into my ass. Now they are trading my ass and I have a cock in my mouth.

I don’t know how long this goes on but at the end I find myself on my back in the center of the bed the men kneeling around me. They are masturbating and I know it will be my chance to be bread. Grunting and moaning, they begin to ejaculate on my face, my tits and in my hair. I can discern the difference in the smells; some pungent some sweet and then it’s over.

The men are quiet as they dress with only whispered conversations. No one speaks to me or looks at me as I lay in the mess. When I hear the door shut behind them I get up at go to the bathroom. I look at myself in the mirror, studying each glob of drying semen. I start the shower and after rinsing I slump down on to the floor and begin to cry.

I took another sip of cognac and noted that even though I’m using my favorite vibrator, I didn’t orgasm. Thinking about that I swish the remaining liquor around the glass before finishing it. At my computer I sent the client an email turning down his offer, but letting him know that I am still interested in seeing him individually.


Note: edited to add link 11/3


Anonymous VJ said...

Good move Kim. It can work (see the 'fuckhouse' over at Viv's side bar), but that's an entirely different scene. Cheers & Good Luck, 'VJ'

12:36 PM  
Blogger el Bow said...

Sounds like the right choice.

I thought it might have been fun but as soon as you described the cum as pungent you lost me.

8:49 PM  
Blogger Pete from Cal said...

I think it is your preference. Some women may like this sort of act but others don't. I have to say you have a vivid imagination on how the event would transpire. The whole thing sounds pretty erotic until the part you slump down and begin to cry. If the idea doesn't turn you on or makes you feel used, then don't do it. Keep us posted on party with Sabine this weekend. Take care!

1:34 AM  
Blogger Kim said...

el bow! Nice to see you turn up. I'm sure yours smells like the nectar of spring flowers.


4:37 PM  
Blogger niadarkandlovely said...


I think you made the right choice. I have been tempted, but have never had the guts to follow through.

2:46 PM  

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