Monday, November 13, 2006

My, never have I had so many requests for a follow up to a post.

The arrangements were for us to meet Friday afternoon and for a car service to transport us to the client’s estate a couple of hours outside of Paris. When I arrived Sabine was waiting with our third, a stunning blond with waist length hair named Sula. Immediately I was curious as to where Sabine found her, as she was young, I guessed twenty (I hoped she was at least twenty). Later, Sabine would tell me that she met her in Reykjavik and that Sabine had recruited her to join her fledgling agency. This would be only her second date.

The drive was uneventful. Between small talk and getting to know you conversation Sabine gave us information regarding the clients and the weekend. When we arrived the men were not there, so a staff person showed us to our rooms and informed us that refreshments would be served in the drawing room.

After hanging my things, I joined the two of them. Sabine was on her phone and Sula sat on the edge of an armchair twisting her rings and fingering her necklace. I sat across from her and asked her if she was nervous. We talked a bit and she seemed to relax. She told me that Sabine had said that I’m quite successful and she asked if I worked for Sabine’s agency. I allowed that I did ok and explained the relationship. When Sabine stepped out of the room Sula took the opportunity to ask me if Sabine were honest. “As much as anyone,” was my reply. “But you need to look out for yourself.” Probably Sula was concerned that she couldn’t.

Shortly the men arrived from their outing, they had been shooting. “Too bad we missed that,” I thought, “it would have been fun.” I’m not used to being ignored by men, but I might as well been chopped beef when they saw Sula. She’s tall, with bright blue eyes set in high cheekbones, a wide mouth we very lush lips. She parts her hair in the middle with strands tucked behind each ear and falling across her shoulders in blond waves to her waist. Her body is slim but not thin. Lanky would be a good description and she moves in a loose but graceful manner. With her small bum you might say she has a boyish figure. Sabine and I exchanged knowing glances. Out host announced the evening’s plans. We’d leave in an hour for dinner at local restaurant so when the men went off to clean up, we went off to dress.

Dinner was nice and uneventful. By intent, I suspect, none of the men laid claim to us so it was very much a getting to know each other evening. Later we slipped into a small bar for an aperitif and some dancing.

Arriving back at the house we returned to the drawing room where the men drew lots to…well to see who would have first crack at Sula. When the door closed behind them when they left, the other men began laughing and Sabine and I, who were barely containing ourselves, anyway, joined in. Time for the second man to choose, a task he undertook with mock seriousness. He looked us both up and down, front and back. I thought he would pull our cheeks back to check our gums as you might a horse you were considering owning. In the end he looked at his friend and said, “I know what you’re interested in,” and with that took my hand.

In the morning the staff had returned to serve breakfast and order the house. After breakfast we toured the estate on horseback. It’s been a while since I have been riding, but it was good since I was reminded of muscles that I forgot that I had. Following the ride our host suggested that we regroup by the pool. As we walked to our rooms I asked Sula if she had brought a bathing suit. She said she had and I told her not to bother, as she wouldn’t need it.

The pool was really a multifunctional space in a solarium that contained various game tables, a swim spa and a hot tub. As I expected the attire was women nude, men in trunks or robes. I’m continually amazed at how uncomfortable men are lounging in the nude when other men are about.

Sula, her hair piled upon her head, joined me in one of the pools with Sabine reclining on the side. The suggestion was made that we kiss, which I took as a polite invitation to provide a floor show and I whispered as much to Sula who’s eyes indicated she was willing. As I kissed and caressed her and she me, I couldn’t help but think how much fun it would be to spend time with her. Later Sabine told us we were enjoying ourselves too much for work.

While Sula and I were occupied, Sabine removed a double dildo from a bag of toys and began playing with it. Knowing that the men would appreciate it I pulled myself out of the pool and crawled on my hands and knees to play with Sabine. My companion from the previous evening used this as an opportunity to spirit Sula away for a few hours. After a bit the men deciding that participating was more fun than watching (DUH) doffed their trunks and the orgy was on.

On the way back to Paris we dropped Sula at CDG. On the way we exchanged business cards. When she realized that I had given her my true information as opposed to the whore’s identity, she quickly wrote her information on another of her cards.



Blogger el Bow said...

When I read some of your posts, a question comes to mind from time to time. Namely, what does having such experiences on the periphery of 'normal' do to your perception of 'normal'?

9:06 PM  
Blogger Pete from Cal said...

Thanks for the update. I guess it was more work than just a fun weekend afterall. I'm intrigued by how amazingly wealthly some of these men you come into contact with. I'm surprised Sabine didn't try to recruit you for her new fledgling agency. But you're probably better off on your own since you have your own contacts. Take care and thanks.

1:52 AM  
Anonymous VJ said...

Normal is where you're at. Normal depends on context too. We can not see that which surrounds us, does the fish see the sea? Do they contemplate the water? Do we think too much about the air, except when we are choking for lack of it? We may recognize ourselves to be alienated from the crowd around us, but this is not at all an uncommon feeling & thought everywhere. Cheers, 'VJ'

9:27 AM  
Blogger Kim said...

el bow: Compartmentalization is a very useful construct. What is normal for Kim the whore is not at all normal for Kim the daughter/friend/entrepreneur. If away with a few friends for a weekend I doubt, in fact I know, I wouldn't be putting on a two girl show for the guys.

At times the line does get bleary, which is when I also feel my most neurotic.

Pete: Being with a client is always work, though it can also be enjoyable.

Sabine does try to recruit me and she has had the audacity to suggest I give her my client list. Our current agreement is that I'll take a referral from her, but she can't use me in any advertising or post my picture on her website.


2:59 PM  
Blogger niadarkandlovely said...


I guess Sabine did not expect you to give her your real information. In my experience it takes a long time before that information is given out.

Thank you for adding me to your link list.

5:28 PM  

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