Monday, November 20, 2006

Perhaps I’m becoming too European, but I never dreamed that the last train between a country’s largest city and its capitol would be 1PM. So I hadn’t checked till Grace and I sat down for lunch. I ended up flying to Washington that was fine with Kenny as he lives closer to Dulles than Union Station.

And Grace, she’s as big as a house and I’m concerned. It seems she has taken the bromide that when your pregnant you’re eating for two to heart. Only she’s eating for two football players. I brought up my concern but she kind of defensively dismissed my unease by saying her doctor isn’t concerned. Grace and Kenny have mom’s body and they both tend to gain weight easily and fight to shed it. I fear that after the baby is born Grace won’t so much be having postpartum depression but that she’ll be depressed because not enough has partumed.

Today I lunched with Grampy and before I left he told me that he had something for me. He directed me to the credenza and a box atop it. I brought it back to where we were sitting and opened it. It was my grandmother’s diaries. I was stunned; I didn’t know what to say. Dad and his siblings knew Grammy was a diarist but no one knew what happened to them and Gramps pretended he didn’t know. He granted me permission to read them and only asked that I not share them with the family till he passed.

This evening I spent with my brother’s family especially my nieces and nephew. The twins who are seven are enchanted with dreams of Paris, though they don’t quite get the concept that Paris is a city like Washington. I sat with the girls at a table in the family room; Mathew was on the floor with his Hot Wheels pretending to be Dale Earnhardt Jr. We had my computer out and we were looking at pictures of Paris, my apartment, Dad and Juliette’s house and street scenes. In one of the pictures there was a couple holding hands. “I bet they’re lovers,” Mary, a twin said to Linda, the other twin. Considering that for a second, Linda looked at me and asked, “Aunty Kim, who’s your lover?” Their mom, who had been enjoying a respite from parental duties with a book, looked up with a shrug and a shake of the head. Molly the four year old saved me from answering by asking what a lover was and with that I changed the subject.



Anonymous VJ said...

That's a tremendous gift Gramps has given & entrusted to you. I know you'll treat them well & with the utmost respect they deserve. Yanks hate trains, everyone knows that, and the politico's hate Amtrack even more. Gone are the days when Union Station was the hub of the world, and trains would leave for all points of the compas on the quarter hour. As for Grace, only time will tell, and mostly you won't have to be there to see the possible painful results. She should be fine though. I think Collette was once asked the same or similar question and answered with this, 'Books, and I have many...'. This may be slightly apocryphal though. Cheers & Good Luck on the trip! 'VJ'

8:59 AM  
Blogger niadarkandlovely said...


I think the gift from your Gramps really illustrates how much you mean to him. So touching.

11:38 PM  
Blogger Pete from Cal said...

It's so heart warming to read about post with you being with your family. Ah, it's good to be with family, no?! :) Cherish your times with them. Have a great turkey day Kim!

10:56 PM  

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