Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Several weeks ago I opened my inbox and found at the top a message had a subject line that identified it as being from a major news organization. I looked at it for several seconds and then chose to ignore it and went about my day. While I get the occasional email accidentally sent from a work or family account (usually followed by a second message asking me not to reply to the earlier message), a news organization was a first.

Later I returned and decided to open it. The first line stated that the writer had been referred to me by another blogger. I sent a quick message to the blogger seeking background information and then I returned to the message. The writer explained that they are undertaking a documentary on sex workers and had interviewed a cross section of workers in various categories and were seeking a “high end companion” to provide a “comprehensive look at the industry,”

Curious, I Googled the writer and learned that she has been involved with several well-regarded projects and then returned to the message. After reading it again I sent my regrets, I had nothing to gain and much to lose by participating.

With the exception of streetwalkers, prostitutes are generally anonymous. We are the women (and men) in front of you at Starbucks, in the next cube, or sitting behind you in class. Clients are usually anonymous also. Except for the clients of high-end companions. These men are often bold face names in business, entertainment or society and it is important to them that the companion be above reproach.

While there are a few high end companions who have used the media to build their business, most prefer to stay as far as possible from anyone who has the ability to complicate their lives.



Blogger Pete from Cal said...

It is wise to stay under the radar when you have so much to lose and nothing to gain by doing the interview even if the writer is an established journalist. I don't think there are anything you can say/share that would change the minds of those who have already formed an opinion against your profession. *shrug* Hope you're well.

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