Tuesday, November 28, 2006

To be fair to Raymond, it is not that he doesn’t understand the drive for entrepreneurship, but it is not for him. It is an open question whether over the long term he can accept and be supportive of my career choices.

A reason I feel that it is so important that we have a living situation that provides the opportunity to expose each of us to the fullness of the other’s life is that is the only way we’ll know if we can accommodate the things that the other feels are elemental to their life even if those things are at variance with how we each view ourselves.



Anonymous VJ said...

All well & good Kim, that sounds like a completely necessary step, especially if he's so unfamiliar with the basic concepts. I'd say he's led a sheltered life, but many guys are like that. But that basic question is a vital one to get straight & right. He's either on the bus or he's missed it. It's much better to miss the bus and only be a half an hour late than miss it and be late for an opportunity that you've waited a lifetime for. Many couples come to resent their spouses for thwarting their ambitions, for whatever reasons (kids, steady employment, benefits etc.). It's a very common tale in many marriages, and not just for the wives either. So some serious things to consider all around. Thank goodness the sex is easier, but that never makes clear thought any easier either! Cheers & Good Luck! 'VJ'

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