Monday, December 18, 2006

Dirty Talking Girl asked if I had thoughts or comments on the Suffolk killer. I do of course, but they are likely to the same as most of you. I find it horrible and greeted the news this morning that a suspect had been arrested a relief. Nia and Heroine/Girl had several posts last week in their blogs on this subject and I suggest you read them.

Before I agree to see a new client I want certain information; full name, home and business address, home and business phone numbers (not cellular) and then I do a back ground check, which includes googling them and calling the company and asking for them. This is the case even if they are referred from another client. If I agree to see them I’ll do additional research mostly to provide a memorable experience with another requirement establishing a method of payment either a credit card or an electronic funds transfer.

Even when I worked for Marie, who did a pretty good job screening I did my own do diligence. One disadvantage of being independent is I lack the dispatchers who I called when I arrived and who would call if the appointment ran over and I hadn’t called in. Presently I have an arrangement with a couple of trusted independent that know where I am and whom I’m with and I do the same for them. Streetwalkers and I suspect many agency girls have no such precautions. They simply show up where told or get in the car and hope for the best.


One warm spring night, I had Christine’s Disco and I was driving to meet her at the club where she was dancing. During the week she worked the lunch, afternoon, happy hour shift, chasing the expense account set and on weekends at a club in a suburb. From my place the easiest route to get there brought me through a grimy former industrial area.

Getting off the freeway I always made sure the doors were locked and I always ran the windows up regardless of the weather. There was one stop light along the road and I dreaded needing to stop at it and often went through it. That night I couldn’t there was a car entering from the right. A group of young guys were in the car; they drove slowly past the Rover trying to see in the windows. Finally the taillights of the car receded and I checked to see if the light had changed. Then I noticed them, three women standing in the shadows looking at the car, one waved and then the light changed and I drove away.



Blogger niadarkandlovely said...


I hope they have caught the right man. Security is a major issue.

Thank you for the mention.

11:44 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is dark times and I hope they have enough evidence to make a formal charge.
It is strange two people have been arrested and for all five.
I just think that is quite a mystery.

Thank you for the mention,

6:13 PM  

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