Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Thursday evening Anne Marie called, did I want to go skiing? I asked if anyplace was open and she told me the resorts in her hometown had opened though the skiing wasn’t very good. The plan was to meet at the train depot and stay with her family.

The trip down gave us a chance to talk, we’ve both been busy and we haven’t seen much of each other. She had a first date last week and I needed to get the details but AM will her again when she gets back to Paris. I brought her up to date about Raymond and what I’m deciding to do about Charles.

Her Dad met us at the train though it was after midnight when we arrived. As AM predicted her mom had set late meal out for us and I’m glad we’d only snacked on the train. In the morning we got to the slopes around ten, the resort was open, but one should use open advisedly. It didn’t matter, as it was just nice to be out on the snow and to be spending time with AM. We quit in the mid afternoon and headed to the spa for a massage and a sauna.

Saturday evening we took her parents to dinner and then went out together later. We ran into some old high school friends of hers who were also home for the holiday. It’s funny, no matter where you are from; going home and running into old friends brings awkwardness and pleasure. Sunday I returned to Paris and went to Dad’s for the night. Julliette’s family would be stopping by through out the evening in the coming or going to their in-laws or their children’s

Abelard and Heloise, aka the Pugs, followed me to bed; just as I began to fall asleep I felt a body jump on the bed and then a second. What the f___ I thought as I turned on the light to see the two of them standing at the end of the bed. “Scoot,” I said as shooed them from the bed and then they stared at me wondering why they couldn’t come up.

Christmas Day I went to Mia’s, Juliette’s daughter-in-law, to help with Christmas Dinner. On the way over I got a text, Carole had gone into labor, the little one decided to being a Christmas baby was worth bolting the womb a few days early. I enjoy helping in Mia’s kitchen because it is a great learning experience as she’s a souse chef.

Late in the afternoon Tomas called with the news that Thierry Tomas and mother are hale and healthy and that TT (which is what I suspect his nick name will be) was very much a Christmas present.

At home in the evening I called Raymond who spent the day at his parents. When I was speaking with his mom she said that she had hoped that I could of joined them and I wish I had. When we made plans for Miami, I figured staying at Amy’s would save the cost of a hotel, but that meant we needed to wait until New Years since she and Rachel are using it this week. But now I regret that decision and wished I gone.

Tomorrow, I see Charles.



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